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 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 30, 18 4:10 AM
This is Tribloos 3 forum. Or do you mean Tribloos 3 in your heading?
 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 23, 18 5:36 PM
Don't worry about building any extra houses, so you do not need to harvest the wood top left.
Build the Pottery as fast as you can, need to harvest two lots of clay for that . Then a third lot of clay bottom left to make at least two pots. Each pot provides 5 cotton balls per turn and only need 20, so with two pots two harvestings wins.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 21, 18 5:01 PM
If more than one game is not opening properly then it may be something wrong with your system. You will need to mention details of the type of windows or Mac you have including version numbers and updates.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 21, 18 4:57 PM
There are a total of 441 fish/ fin color combinations. I am currently about 40 short.

I have three tanks and 2 sales tanks. I am breeding and hatching eggs to produce the 21 types of a fish eg 21 different types of sharks in one tank and then the 21 different types of another fish eg Angelfish in another tank. I will breed them to give all the 21 varieties of Snout.
Then discard some of the easily breedable varieties of Angelfish and cross the Sharks with Snout to give Catfish which will be discarded.
Then discard the Sharks and breed the rest of the Angelfish and cross them with the Snout to give all the Snoopers .
Doing this throughout enables fast breeding of all the species.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 21, 18 4:40 PM
There are 6 different sharks that can be obtained from common eggs - Canary, Daffodil, Rusty, Silky, Spined and Striped.
By crosses with siblings , and offspring you can also breed Snubbed, Crimson, Royal, Razorback, Serrated, Tangerine, Sapphire, Imperial, Pink and Oriental for a total of 16 of the sharks.
From Uncommon eggs you can get Greenfin and Peachy and from those and the rest you can breed the final 3 rare sharks - Orange, Hooked and Bluetip

You can also cross Catfish with shark to get more sharks so if you get a particular color of catfish you can regard it as being like another shark when you breed it with other sharks.

 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 21, 18 4:17 PM
You are missing the Magic fish of Maturity which corresponds to a Canary Carp. There are about 99 different combinations that can produce this.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 17, 18 5:16 AM
elizaew wrote:Bichy how did you breed the hooked foxface? how did you breed the serrated foxface? I have yet to gt one foxface of any kind.

Foxface can be obtained by crossing a Spontanus and Goldfish
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 17, 18 5:14 AM
And now an Artist, a Statistician and Embalmer stood and stared stupified at the reveal attraction. There must be a joke there somewhere.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 16, 18 8:36 PM
There are 11 ways of breeding tangerine and 17 ways of breeding a Stickfish. So plenty of combinations available .
It is also a rare fish so you could get it by chance by hatching rare eggs.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 16, 18 8:26 PM
The Foxface can only be bred independently via a Spontanus v Goldfish.

Shark and Spontanus fish type and Silky Fin type can only be obtained originally from hatching eggs. You cannot breed these in by using other fish or other fin types.

eg You get a Foxface from

Spontanus v Goldfish
Spontanus v Foxface
Foxface v Foxface

For Shark:
Shark v Shark
Shark v Catfish

Spontanus v Spontanus so you need eggs to get your first couple of Spontanus

Silky fin
Silky v Silky
Silky V Hooked
So from all these difficult to breed independently you would need to hatch eggs first.

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If you click on a pregnant fish beside the status it will say Pregnant (24) for 24 game minutes? or actual minutes ? have not measures preferring to take shortcuts.
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When you have a sale did you know that each person has a name and an occupation

I have seen up to three identical appearing characters but with different names.

Today I saw Elizabeth Jones - donut hole maker stuck for choice at the vending machine.
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By hatching common eggs you eventually get a Magic fish of Nutrition which is a common fish selling for 53 gold, however you can easily sell them for 70 by choosing Species and changing the price there. It is actually a Striped Tigerfish and can be bred as such.
Its presence is supposed to prevent fish in the same tank from starving to death if you forget to feed them.
Once I was able to get at least 2 of those I tried to breed them as quickly as possible to build up to 10 fish so that I could then transfer 10 baby fish to the sale tank. Repeating this gave 20 fish and then using the Instagrow (175) produced 20 adults that sell for a total of 1400 or a profit of 1225 from which you can buy your second tank.
Repeating this another 4 times gives you 4900 and you can use this to research environment and get a couple of upgrades that will enable you to keep Uncommon fish alive.
Do that again and you will have enough for another tank.

Repeat and you should have enough for researching environment and upgrades to keep rare fish alive

The fish to aim for is the Rare Golden Guppy of Isola which sells for 228 but you can up its price to 300. Using the same process as mentioned with the Magic Fish of Nutrition (sell all but 2 of those) start raising Golden Guppies which are actually Sapphire Angelfish and breed as such. Selling 20 of those gives you about 5825 if you only use the Instagrow (175). If you also use Instabirth (100) for two lots of 10 pregnant Guppies then the profit is reduced by another 200 , but even if you use all the quick fixes you still get over 5000 per sale tank, so this way you can quickly build up your funds.

The other special fish can be obtained by breeding or through hatching eggs.
Magic Fish of Nutrition (common)
Magic Fish of Recuperation (Uncommon)
all the rest are Rare.
BTW where do the eggs come from as the fish do not appear to produce eggs but live young --- a mystery.

 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 12, 18 2:58 PM
Just a note that I am playing the game on Windows 10 version 1607. When people say they are using Windows 10 they should realise that there are quite considerable changes in the different versions of Windows 10 and that may be a problem as well. I also have C drives with Windows 10 version 1703 and version 1709 so will try and test the game on each of those to see if the problem lies with a Windows upgrade or something else.
Are you also using the fighter from the castle to kill outlying witches that are not killed by the fires and also to chase the witches when they turn arouns at the start of daylight. I did not choose shorter nights so have had no problems with 33.
 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 4 on Apr 10, 18 3:07 PM
With one worker the materials are increased to 30 units, with 2 workers to 40 units and with three workers to 50 units.
 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 4 on Apr 10, 18 3:05 PM
In some of the levels they have to cross a frozen lake and to avoid having them trapped, you can ring the bell just before the lake is about to melt to get them back home.
As well you only require 3 of the blue orbs ao that saves 100 gold. You can leave the middle right orb and gold til later. As well if you start your attack on the red giant when it is further back beyond the second bridge you can then harvest gold from over the bridge as well as wood on the island and then build the bridge on the middle right, and then after destroying the stone barrier harvest more gold.
 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 4 Collector's Edition on Apr 10, 18 12:38 AM
I am having a problem on level 23. If a guy is just walking out of the castle and an action is required, he keeps running into the bell and stops , walks back and then runs into it again. This can upset some other actions, after having the guy run into the bell I sent another guy down to build a house and suddenly the guy that has run into the bell is doing the actions that build the house.
The guy is trying to cut the corner and teh bell is in the wrong place and so he stops and causes problems elsewhere.

Apart from that my game is running well at 1920 x 1080 on Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.2007. I have managed to stop upgrading to the problematic 1703 and 1709 by setting my computer as a metered connection.
Philosophers Stone does the same as the renew trees altar - renews Gold.
The Sharp sword increases speed when fighting and possibly destroying doors (to open up the castle in one level)
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