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 posted in Gardenscapes on Jan 22, 11 7:51 PM
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Jan 22, 11 8:58 AM
Smallhaven wrote:I took my time with this game, too. As I do all of them. I want to get my monies worth out of them. Besides, I don't see the purpose of rushing through a game. Unless you have a personal goal. I read quite often how a player will speed play a game only to complain on how short it is. Takes everything I have not to comment to them. And if you knew me ( which a good many of you do), you know how hard it is to keep my mouth shut.

No.....not you Smallhaven......never......
 posted in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure™ on Jan 19, 11 8:28 AM
Thanks......I am checking it out right now!!!
 posted in Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy on Jan 16, 11 2:14 PM
I am jonesing.......I was so bad the other day i was trying to get on live chat.......

Fortunately I couldn't connect for some reason.....I probably woulda sounded like a nut job junkie.........I need my AVEYOND NOW!!!!!

I NEED IT MAN!!!!! I Need it noW!!!!!!
 posted in Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen on Jan 14, 11 1:16 PM
You know I thought it was actually pretty, but the time I tried it my liking of the game ended fast......I demo'ed it a long time ago and I wrote......and I quote here " Secret of the Fairy Queen not worth finding"

I tried it once more today.......

"Secret of the Fairy queen.......Still don't want to find it..........."

I found the music and the fairy chatter at me rather annoying.........and frankly the clutter of items not visually appealing for a fairy wonderland......honestly I was looking for a treadmill in one un-fairy can you get?

 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island on Jan 12, 11 5:22 PM
perdonome......but i do not speak french.....however I would suggest typing the name of your game into the forums on the right or wait until a french speaking fishy is kind enough to stop by....

Hi mmarsh0205 and Welcome to the Pond!

I have not had a similar problem but I would suggest typing the game name into the search forums box and going to the forum for the game......check out the technical difficulties thread and see if others are having the same problem.....and also feel free to click on the contact BFG button on your account page and email them your problem......BFG is the greatest for customer service and I would recommend contacting them with your problem.....

Have a great day!
 posted in Fairy Maids on Dec 26, 10 1:21 PM
So let me get this straight.....for 6.99 (or 9.99) I get to clean a bunch of storybook character's houses and eventually help somebody else get married to the fairytale prince........sounds like Cinderella's tale got seriously screwed up......
Anywho, I did actually like the game. The humor seemed good (and clean!) and the character were pretty good and the drawings and all quite good. But for me....If I won't clean for free in my house, I probably won't pay's not bad, but as I realized as I started playing that you clean 3 character's houses per level at 15 levels........and at at roughly...a few minutes each episode, it was going pretty fast. I would probably be finished in a few hours if I kept cleaning. Taking frequent breaks (Cause I hate I wanted to wack the person who was drawing on the wall -hate grafitti!!) So for me this game seems like a no buy. Hope you all check this out cause it is darn cute....... ......but I just don't do games.....hehehehehehe.....
 posted in Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny on Dec 17, 10 5:33 PM
I started playing it, I know in another thread some people had questions over what to expect in gore and violence in the game.
I started it and the first cut scene was of a garbage can being picked up with a tied up lady in it. The garbageman had headphones on and didn't notice that a bound and gagged woman was inside the garbage can. When she gets dumped into the garbage truck she gets her mouth free and begins screaming. No one hears her as the video goes to the garbage in the garbage truck getting compacted. Now if this is a stomach churner scene to you.....(kinda for me but I will still play it.....) I would give this game a pass. I hope this helps anyone with question on gore to decide. And since this is the opening scene I don't feel I am giving anything away...
If anyone has any further questions I will do my best to answer them.
 posted in NiBiRu: Age of Secrets on Dec 17, 10 4:12 PM
Hi Nonnie.....I am not familiar with the game, but if you check out the side of the Chit chat corner page and see search all. Type in the name of your game and check the forum for that particular game and you may find someone else had the same problem and got an answer....hope this helps....good luck on your game!!!
Spoiler......Please highlight.....

First look at the symbol on those cannons, then look on the map for the corresponding symbol. Each oth those tiny scraps is a location on the map and if you find the location the roman numerals are posted near it. Take those scraps in order and tap in the numbers. As you tap correctly one of the buttons on the cannon will push down. Enter all the location codes and voila!

Hope this helps!!
Okay all youse fishies......I have never once had that happen to me when I quite those CE games (where you had flashed of scenes from the rest of the game)

Probably for one SIMPLE reason...........


And No that does not make me a strung out junkie.................
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 21, 10 8:14 PM
Hi Tosit.....Welcome to the pond!
While I have not tried that game yet you might want to search for the forum to the game in the Search All Forums.....the answer might already be there.
Does anyone else have this wierd itching in their gaming finger.....?
 posted in Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club on Oct 19, 10 8:10 PM
Hi Joe,
Haven't got that far, but for safety's sake you might want to take your email address down.....never give on the forums too much info on yourself.....request private pm's to your BFG box and get to know fishies before passing on personal info..... ....welcome to the pond....check the forum for Snarkbuster's for the answer you seek......

 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 17, 10 4:08 PM
THANK YOU BOTH!.....It was the one on the broken lock in the door! Just got to it and got the last ring.....thanks again sooooo much to the both of you for responding!!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 16, 10 2:25 PM
okay so I got the green ring and the left ring on the suitcase and still need the cadueceus......i read you need to get the caduceus ring from a clock.......but I am now locked on the opposite side of that wall door that you used those clock face thingies I stuck or just really lost?
forgive me I have a cold and can't think too straight so if this is too dopey and a third grader could have figured it out.....sorry......

But I really love this game.....! seems exactly like RTR and DG combined with the achievments and the general feel of it all........
 posted in Rainblood: Town of Death on Oct 16, 10 11:32 AM
Allrighty, just finished killing those two ugly I know you all are spoiling for war with these guys......and why wouldn't you be? They are big and ugly and positively horrible. They have no redeaming value to the environment......

Except as COMPOST!

Here is how you do it.........

1. ALWAYS keep your levels of LF and KF UP! This is so not keep hacking and slashing at them wildly.....I know this will be a long battle (I do not know how long, but I kept hacking and slashing for up over what seemed AT least five minutes maybe be prepared.
2. The Twilight in skills will give you a refill in your LF levels (complete refill)....keep using this frequently as sawer in mystical mode keeps hacking off a 1000 points......
3. You need a ton of that potion X in items.....I used 3 super x potions and had 25 regular potion x's.....I did not use all of them but probably at least 10-15 of them.....You must have a lot of these or you might as well restart your game and go back and collect a way lot more or this is me......

4. to kill some evil bad dudes.....First off kill he like to saw you every so often you can use that phantomslash to keep his ugly saw away from you! Then use blinkslash only on him til ugly dude is dead......cause now is the real battle......strengthener is now gonna awake you need to start using blinkslash on him and ghosstep, and make sure to always keep all your levels up case he will bring back the ghost of sawer to keep hacking away on your LF points.....when he wakes up! Just keep using blinkslash on him over and over til he dies.
5. Ghosstep is a real saviour.....but it only lasts three rounds. So plan accordingly......if you need to reload any or all levels do that. Even if you only get to hack at Strengthener once......but keep hacking at the ugly dude will....after what seems a very long time....! DIE!!!!
 posted in Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford on Oct 15, 10 5:41 PM
There are three items for each statue. Venus, the dove, the necklace and the wreath for her head. Mars is the sword, the lance and the wreath for his head. and as for the items they have that you need to click on them, you don't need to pick them up so i am puzzled as to why you cannot get them. They each have an item that the other needs. Venus the lance and mars the dove. Hope this helps.

then they will each give you a book.
 posted in Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford on Oct 15, 10 4:27 PM
Are you sure it's not the birdcage in the dining room? you click on the birdcage and then it tells you to lure the birdy in with some feed.
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