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before we can go find victor i would think we would have to know how to make the time machine correct?????
 posted in Burger Shop on Jul 27, 09 12:07 AM
finally the burger gods answeared guess i know what i will be doing this week!!!! lmao cfannot wait i still play 1 trying to get perfect on some levels don't think will ever happen lmao anyway hope every one enjoys it !!! yippy
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Jul 26, 09 11:34 PM
well i have gone thru aven like 6 times now and replay all kinda os puzzle mini etc when i do get plants they r doubles!!!!! on a few levels i have gotten 2 plants and they end up being the same!!! i have had 1 newer mushroom plant but otherwise all double of what i have had in my garden all along grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! i have kept every plant i have got from begining except marygolds and doubles.. so would be nice to get some diffrent plants
 posted in Townopolis: Gold on Jul 13, 09 8:27 PM
i bought townopolis but nut the aqua one i like town because was more like the romeoplis that i liked just don't seem like many people playing so gonna be hard to get tips lol
 posted in Enlightenus on Jun 25, 09 12:46 PM
is a good game and yes did not take me long at all but was better then cleaning my house lol just kidding.. i did enjoy it yeah have to look a got lost a couple times then when i found what i was supposed to was like doh'
 posted in Enlightenus on Jun 25, 09 12:44 PM
i had problem all i did was when it was up i could see the o for options clicked it then selected screen size then it went smaller then click full screen again
 posted in Burger Shop on Jun 14, 09 1:53 AM
i wish i knew hoping someone might get a reply and let us know!!!! as i said they have not replied to me
 posted in Burger Shop on Jun 5, 09 2:18 AM
well i wrote a e mail and sent like a month ago and got no reply when they expecting to bring number 2 out grrrrrrrr if any1 has any more info please share
 posted in Restoring Rhonda on Jun 3, 09 5:27 AM
i am havin this issue as well i am a memeber and i am siged in and nothing!!!!
 posted in Burger Shop on May 5, 09 5:59 AM
this was a great game has longativity to it something u can go back and play and play trying to better you end result!!! just been a long time waiting for part 2 always seems a few more months away.....
 posted in Burger Shop on May 1, 09 1:54 AM
should be on here soon then!!!! i would think.... i hope!!!! lol
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Apr 6, 09 11:16 PM
yuck that's 2 long to
 posted in Romopolis on Apr 5, 09 12:50 AM
i built my houses around outside and built like 6 parks in front of them then gave the building they wanted like forum libary etc
 posted in Romopolis on Apr 4, 09 11:44 PM
sorry did not post back but did this one finally took alot or retries is all about how u place the parks and houses
 posted in Romopolis on Mar 31, 09 9:41 PM
cannot get the happiness here have tried this 1 many diffrent ways uggggggggggg any help anyone??????
 posted in Romopolis on Mar 31, 09 9:37 PM
this level is possiable had to do a few times to get it all about placing parks and houses just right.. i didn't build any apartments just large houses with upgrades that way did use as much matirial and let me have more money to clear ALL the lots had 2 of everything(market shrine etc) and as i said u gotta place the parks and houses right
 posted in Burger Shop on Mar 3, 09 11:04 AM
still a couple mmore months how frustrating is that grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol
 posted in Burger Shop on Feb 15, 09 10:49 PM
any one heard a date about burger shop 2 yet?????????????
 posted in Burger Shop on Jan 22, 09 5:57 AM
has anyone heard a date yet?
 posted in County Fair on Dec 16, 08 1:22 AM
i seem to be stuck on the gator fair anyone got any tips?
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