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 posted in Eternal Night: Realm of Souls on Jan 19, 11 9:32 AM
I bought this game but can't to the 4th level-it freezes up and gives me a "error occured" message and closes the game. I tried all of the suggestions on the help page with no luck. I even sent a message to customer service as was suggested by BF but still haven't heard a response. I would like either an answer or a credit for the purchase since I can't play it. Very frustrating that they haven't even gotten back to me about my problem or issued me a credit. I have been a member for a year and have spent a lot of money on games but after this I am thinking about cancelling my membership.
 posted in Eternal Night: Realm of Souls on Jan 17, 11 1:32 PM
I am very disappointment with BF after this game. I downloaded the demo and it froze up twice. I went ahead and bought it and almost everytime I go to a new area it freezes up. Now I can't get past the big glowing arm in the sky-it starts to load and then says "Windows has encountered a problem" and closes it out. I went to the help pages and tried all of their suggestions and then restarted my computer and now when I click on the game in my game manager it won't even come up.

I know it's not my computer because it is a Sony All in One and is less than a year old and all of the drivers are up to date. I have not had this problem before with any games. I'm really upset that I wasted my free game code for a game I can't even play
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Sep 13, 10 6:58 AM
Congrats on the new baby!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Aug 26, 10 9:42 PM
I'm sorry but I'm done. At this point I don't care if it's free or not-I am an accountant for a retail business and I am absolutely appalled by the horrible management of this project, the lack of communication and the poor customer service. I can not imagine ever doing this to one of my customers.

The fact of the matter is we (the fans) have been hearing this song and dance for 10 months now with nothing to show for it. It has reached a point where many just have found better things to do.

I wish them all the best but enough is enough at this point.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Aug 18, 10 6:20 AM
Last update said it would be released "soon" and that they will release newsletter and the game together. This was released by Subsoap last week.

Hope that helps!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Aug 15, 10 9:06 PM
Thanks for the update. To be honest it would be better if you at least released part of the newsletter-we need something-we've been waiting for almost 7 months.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Aug 13, 10 4:30 PM
Last we heard they were planning on releasing something last weekend-we haven't heard anything since then. We were also told they were going to release it last month but it wasn't.

At this point I'm not sure it is ever going to come out. It has been over six months since it was supposed to be released (Feb 2010) and there has been delay after delay.

I agree that it would be nice if they could at least release the newsletter.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Aug 7, 10 1:21 PM
Welcome to the forum ziaBella and Little_Emily!

Yes we have a wait time-the game was orginally to be released in February 2010 and has been pushed back since then for various reasons. Last we heard it was supposed to be end of July but now they are saying "soon".
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Aug 6, 10 4:05 PM
I honestly think at this point that it will never come out. I am anticipating an update stating there are just too many problems and they can't release it.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 21, 10 9:22 PM
So am I incorrect in thinking this means it will not be released this week? Do we have a possible ETA on the newsletter? Just wondering....I realize that there have been a lot of unexpected delays but to be honest-after all this time and everything that has went on I've really lost interest in even playing the game now. Not trying to be mean or whinning just honest.

Anyway good luck with getting the game out-I hope you don't run into anymore delays. I'm sure they have been even more frustrating for you than they have been for us!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 21, 10 4:28 PM
I know he said this week but since we haven't gotten the newsletter yet I am just planning on it not coming this week.

At this point there have been so many different dates given and delays that I am just not planning on it coming out anymore. If it does it does and if it doesn't oh well.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 19, 10 5:37 PM

Brian said on another thread that it is supposed to be released sometime this week between 7/18 & 7/24
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 16, 10 5:14 PM
awsum-Happy Birthday Brian! My birthday is Sunday the 18th so if it does come out next week it will be my b-day present to myself lol.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 15, 10 5:07 PM
he said that the first game will be free so at least you will be able to play that one even if it comes out late next week! I'm excited about that b/c I won't have the money to buy it until next month (I am only paid once a month).
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 12, 10 7:08 AM
Awsum about the game being free-very cool way to make up for the wait! My b-day is this Sunday so if it comes out this week that would be great!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 11, 10 8:44 PM
I agree-it is very disheartening to hear for about the 200th time that they swear it will be "a couple more days" and then 2 weeks later still no newsletter or game.

They may not mean it but it is still very bad customer service and I honestly believe they should offer the 1st installment at a discount or something to make up for the fact that they have been telling us for the last 7 months that it was coming out and it hasn't.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 10, 10 11:27 AM
Anyone got the newsletter yet? I know Brian said on Monday it would be a couple of more days but I haven't seen it in my inbox or spam folder. Figured I would check with everyone else.

 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 3, 10 8:57 PM
That's what I was thinking-just wanted to make sure it wasn't something with my email-I have been having problems with nonspam stuff going to my spam folder-which then deletes them automatically.

Hope it is soon-I will start working a lot of ot at my office soon so won't have time to play if it doesn't come out here soon.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 3, 10 2:35 PM
Has anyone got the newsletter? I know Brian said on Monday or Tuesday that it would be coming out in a couple of days but I haven't seen it or anything.

 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jun 28, 10 5:24 PM
I hope nothing else happens to delay it and that this time " a couple of days" really means a couple of days.

Thank you for giving us an update!

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