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How do you get the right keys on the piano pressed in the correct order?
My game freezes up at the ladder at the ship. It won't let me do anything. This is in the Bonus chapter.
Thank you but nothing I click on does anything, Still stuck.
No! I hate when this happens in a game!
In the hidden object scene in the cave it asks for a letter. When I use hint, it says it is done. I'm stuck!
 posted in Chimeras: Cursed and Forgotten Collector's Edition on May 31, 16 5:58 AM
Thank you! I was able to move the bear and continue with the game.
 posted in Chimeras: Cursed and Forgotten Collector's Edition on May 29, 16 5:28 AM
I can't move the bear to block the door. Help?
 posted in Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector's Edition on Sep 9, 13 5:13 PM
I have the collar put have no idea where the goggles are. Help?
 posted in Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory Collector's Edition on Jul 6, 13 9:06 AM
I'm stuck in the game. I need the other half of the boomerang. Can anyone help?
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Ash Collector's Edition on Jun 5, 13 11:25 AM
I have one gold piece for the city gate. Where do get the first gold piece?
 posted in Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession Collector's Edition on Jul 23, 12 5:10 AM
I got two corks but when I put them on the sinks, only one worked. Where did the other cork go? Please help.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition on Jan 9, 12 4:55 AM
I can't find the tongs near the mailbox. Can anyone help?
 posted in Deadtime Stories on Apr 30, 10 12:33 PM
I can't figure out how to get the skull music game to play. Anyone get to this part to help? Thanks!
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