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I neglected to pick up the shirt and am now not being allowed into that room to get it. Can't advance without it...
I have climbed the chain into the ship but cannot climb it the second time. What am I doing wrong?
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 22, 11 6:23 PM
Skip button on the tile game will not load at all. And I can't line up more than two of the rows. Can somebody tell me how to do it since I can't skip the puzzle?
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 3, 10 4:18 PM
Same thing here. Can't get the 8th ghost. I paint and paint on the right side of the tree at the pond. The brush is dipped. Nothing. Is it the game or is it me?? Somebody help before I trash the game. I like it SO far...
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