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 posted in Mystery P.I.: The London Caper on May 4, 10 11:16 AM
First use the hammer to break the picture in the floor and put the puzzle together. Then take the knife to cut the rope and the front of the big machine will fall off. Work that puzzle.There will be a piece of tile on the floor where the front fell, pick it up and put it at the top of the machine where the other piece is and it will be a domino. Next put the hand on the clock and the knob on the panel below it turn the knob to on.Click on the barrell and the cloth will disapper, my barrell had a star on it yours maybe something different. On the panel there is three places, the top one has to be what is on the barrell, the next one will be the letter on the picture and the last one will be the same as the domino on the top of the machine. After that it will move to the next location, put the other parts in place. there will be a panel that needs a code, use the time on the clock. Mine was 1215.
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