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 posted in Mahjongg Artifacts on Oct 28, 17 3:45 AM
I have had this game years and years. Now I started to play it again. can I get rid of the annoying tutorial at the beginning??????
I surely can play this game.
I hope there still is somebody playing this and can read my question!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Jun 4, 17 5:48 AM
hello! I have 35 villagers and 2 huts for them. They cannot get babies because there isn´t place for new villagers. How many huts do I need for 100 villagers at the end of the game?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Jan 21, 17 10:13 AM
in this village you couldn´t pick the villagers, they came by boat.

And now the 11. boy is born!!!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Jan 21, 17 9:04 AM
I have 2 men, 10 boys and 3 middle aged women - the mothers of the boys.
how can the village live further?How can they get girls?
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip To Italy on Dec 2, 16 3:59 AM
I´´m only in Venice and already very tired of this game.
Nothing happens there, no surprises, no problems. I just sit there and click and click and click........
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip To Italy on Oct 1, 16 4:30 AM
I am very sorry. After two hours the computer started to download.
Who could have guessed!!
But there is still one point:
When I purchased the game it took my money so fast that I couln´t add the applay "AUTUMN" and therefore my game costed 12.30 USD. Could you please compensate this same way. You have my credit number.
The number of this order is 26111718226, it´s made 10/01/16 02:53.
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip to France on Oct 1, 16 3:06 AM
After this I bought Trip to Italy (because of timer / no timer) and guess what?
What kind of games you are selling?
I looked for the forum for the Italy-games and there were several letters with tech issues.
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip To Italy on Oct 1, 16 3:01 AM
I cannot get this game downloaded. I bought first Trip to France - same problem. The downloading won´t even start
W 10
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip to France on Oct 1, 16 2:43 AM
I just bought the game Travel riddles:trip to France. I can see it on my purchase history and it is paid.

IT WILL NOT START TO DOWNLOAD, it disappeared. This is second time I get a game which I cannot play. the first one was kingdom of Aurelia which crashed every time I tried to start it. One more time and I am a ex-member!
My PC is W 10 and only one year old.
 posted in Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger on Sep 14, 16 7:06 AM
So many crashes...
I wonder if you should give us a new game.
I bought mine as it looked to be a nice made game, tried it 4 times - every time it crashes after start. It isn´t my opinion of fun!
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 18, 16 3:10 AM
Thank you again and again. The shield with T-match was again my stumbling block. I wish that I could do something for you as thanks. But maybe you can feel happiness of the help you are giving hundreds of players with their puzzles. keep well!
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 17, 16 2:24 AM
hello again
I feel a little shamed to bother you but you have so nice answered all people who are asking for help.
This time it is level 147. I play all puzzles after your advices but this time I cannot get t-match for shields to get a bomb. All I get is an amphora or maybe two.
You have earlier given me advice of t-match ( and t3 and t4) and even written a pattern but after making this match 11 times I didn´t succeed.I know I´m doing something wrong but what??? In which shield I´ll start?
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 15, 16 8:59 AM
I have Runefalls (a little cofused) and Jewels and Paradise Quest.
I must loot at the others you named.
Thank you, it´s lovely to meet someone whose alive(!) because usually whem I ask something nobody answers.
happy days for you from ahma2 in Finland
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 14, 16 5:13 AM
Thank you again for the advice. I didn´t know it. But it wasn´´t a big job to play some levels again.
I ´d like more games like this - no ghost, no dark mysteries, no knives with blood etc.
This is very beautiful game, maybe a little too long.

By the way - don´t you have any conversation forum where we could talk of different games????
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 12, 16 4:15 AM
I did it!
i played the level 133 again and after that the level 134 was normal with 4 lights.
I tahnk you for your help!
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 12, 16 3:31 AM
Thank you for answering me. I made a break but it didn´t help. Now I decided to loose a life and start again the level 133 and then try level 134. i hope that will help.
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 11, 16 10:45 AM
I wrote wrong. Of course there are 4 lights and this time I found only 3! I´ve checked and checked the whole level and cannot find the 4 th one. Can I skip over this level, maybe? (LOL)
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 11, 16 9:57 AM
I have played this game 2 times earlier and liked it very much. Now I am on level 134 (third time) and was collecting the little lights to put over the door. But this time there were only 4 lights though the game said "board cleared". I checked the whole level again - no the 5. light.
I cannot go through the door and cannot finish the level.What to do?

P.s. What shall I do with the artifacts????
 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 26, 16 7:01 AM
Thank you very much. With the help of your answer I made the pzzle 48!
 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 26, 16 3:53 AM
I know this is a stupid question but have to ask
What is t-match and what are M4 and M5?
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