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 posted in Green Moon 2 on May 10, 16 2:27 PM
dekanokn21858 wrote:I'm having the same problem finding the black pearl. I have the fully equipped diving suit but can't dive. If you figure it out adw395 please let me know. And I'll let you know if I find out before you do. OK? Let me know about the spell too. I'm having fun with this game but I'm stumped. Not fun.

Right click on the diving suit while it is in your inventory to use it.
(the same way you right clicked on the wine glass during the tutorial)
 posted in Steel LIFE on Feb 24, 16 7:47 AM
I ended up skipping that part, and only remember the "probability is 0". Then I bet zero every time. I would try it both ways, turning "off" all the digits or turning them all off till only the "0" is lit. Good luck.
 posted in Steel LIFE on Feb 23, 16 5:21 PM
Activate and deactivate all the numbers (on and off, lit and dark) till they are all turned off and the number for all sets reads zero. Then when you bet, I think it is four times, bet on the number 0.
 posted in Steel LIFE on Feb 23, 16 9:04 AM
Thank you PCThurman!

It took another dozen tries, but I finally got it.
 posted in Steel LIFE on Feb 23, 16 8:35 AM
I've made at least half a dozen paper airplanes.
Even got squadron commander achievement.
Can't seem to grab his torch when it's on the shelf.

What's the correct timing for distracting the welder?
 posted in The Big Secret of a Small Town on Mar 2, 15 5:52 PM
Starting with the one that is top and slightly left:
yellow, white, blue, green, red.
 posted in The Big Secret of a Small Town on Mar 2, 15 4:13 PM
In the room where the pipes puzzle is (climb the ladder) there is something black dripping from a large gray pipe on the right. You can hear the sound of the drip. You should find the action/use icon far bottom right very close to the white help page by the inventory.
 posted in The Big Secret of a Small Town on Mar 2, 15 12:48 PM
I have 3 glass jars (filled prematurely with colored liquid) but need the 2nd from the right glass jar but cannot find the chess piece to obtain that last glass jar from chessboard. Any hints?
 posted in The Big Secret of a Small Town on Mar 2, 15 11:10 AM
Thank you very much, Shinaar!
I hadn't noticed the scoop before.
 posted in The Big Secret of a Small Town on Mar 2, 15 10:40 AM
Just past the well and Big Tree is a two part door. I've completed the first half but cannot find the mold for the sun for the second half. All that is active is the well and there's a spider by the tree but all I have is a "door token #1" and no way to deal with the spider. How do I find the sun mold?
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 30, 15 8:44 AM
BONNIE51462 wrote:The o is on the chain but how do I get it..when you touch it, it says can't do it by bare hand help...lmao I never thought a game would drive me bonkers!!!

There is a saw blade somewhere, I think on the hallway table. But then you must find a handle for the blade. Check the only room where some odd tools are kept.
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 30, 15 7:50 AM
You need to find a tool to get the letter off the shirt. Check carefully on the hallway table.
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 30, 15 7:12 AM
I'm trying to remember early yesterday, not sure - but try the bookshelf above the tv.
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 3:23 PM
Yep, I just found it and came here to tell you about the M in the glass jug but you beat me to it. Oh yes, on the phone. Sorry, my memory is rubbish today. Thanks all the same!
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 3:09 PM
Ummm, there was one letter in the Red colored bedroom upstairs in the nightstand drawer to the left of the bed. Perhaps that is the one? (don't remember now which letter it was).
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 3:03 PM
Thanks, "bobhillman". I was beginning to think I shouldn't have skipped the puzzle, but they wouldn't have included a skip button if that were the case.

If you happen to find the "M", perhaps you can post the location here, and I'll check in the morning when I try to continue the game. I'm sorry, but I don't remember now where the "T" was. I recall that a couple were particularly well hidden in the room with all the spider webs and took a lot of blind clicking around all the white-ish cobweb areas to find them.
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 2:16 PM
The letter "M" in "Intrenum" was supposed to show up after the crossword puzzle in the basement was completed. I became impatient with the complex puzzle as I had food cooking on the stove. I skipped the puzzle but the "M" did not show up automatically, nor could I find it after searching the rooms.

I shut the game down, started the game again and repeatedly went back down to the basement. The crossword puzzle is no longer there and I cannot find the letter M anywhere. It was the last letter in this chapter and I cannot continue the game until this is resolved. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 1:53 PM
Face the piano and turn right so you can see the tv and the green plant. I was blindly clicking and got it more by accident. It's either in the plant near the base by the pot or right next to it on the floor.
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 11:39 AM
Like you said, it's obvious when it's pointed out to you!
I had already been in the basement trying to turn off the fuse box.
I never even noticed in the "not close up" view.
Thank you!
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 11:24 AM
You're welcome.

What about the "K" in Ekronis?
"...light...dark..." is not nearly a good enough clue to send me in the right direction.
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