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 posted in In Service of the Queen on Mar 12, 17 11:09 AM
There is a big log right after you free up the trading spot. I cannot gather enough wood to get past it, even building nothing else. Help!
Stuck in the same place- last level to get 3 stars. Any help appreciated!
 posted in Rory's Restaurant Deluxe on Apr 2, 16 2:31 PM
Same problem on day 27- no more customers to finish the level. Big Fish needs to either fix the broken game or refund my credit.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Jan 9, 16 7:17 AM
Roads of Rome + Adelantado= ROR New generation. Played 4o minutes of the free hour and instead of wanting to buy the game, I am headed to re-download Adelantado 3.
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love on Dec 17, 15 2:46 AM
Took forever, but I finally got it. You have to go against your instinct. Get rid of the cop. Build the food. Upgrade to two zombies. Then upgrade to second food, and SLOWLY work your way up and around to the 2nd cop while also working towards the stone. Then worry about the bridge and working your way to the wood, skipping the forge and the gold until after the wood is built. While doing all of this, don't get ahead of yourself with clicking future actions. Collect the production and the one next item to go forward on the path. Always click the next item on the path. Start sending the second zombie down to build the factory after you get the forge and gold going. Dracula builds the pipes so you only need it functional for three turns at the end. By the time you get the forge going, you're probably not far from the end, so eyeball when you have about 12-15 food and then stop collecting food.
Collect stone 8 times
Collect wood 7 times
Collect gold 7 times
Collect forge 3 times.
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love on Nov 22, 15 5:54 AM
First off, it's by the same company that does Rescue Team, so that's a point in its favor from the start. (Granted, that same company does the "new and improved" Farm Frenzy, so take the point away LOL) But overall, that company is known for producing quality time management games and they are usually an auto buy for me.

Second, this sucker's hard! In the best way possible! I burned thru my hour demo and was still on level 6. That boded well for the purchase of a game and now at Level 29, I have maybe completed 1/3 with 3 stars. Good job on them.

My only complaint is that when you first pick your options such as relaxed mode, etc, it gives you a choice between normal and multiclick and it won't let you change mid-game. I really want multiclick now but I don't want to restart the whole thing. maybe on round 2, I'll play multiclick.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 16, 15 6:48 AM
I am playing on the iOS iPad version rather than the Big Fish version. It did indeed upgrade and the upgrade was a good one. Good things coming. I am purposely keeping it vague as it's no fun not to discover for yourself.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 16, 15 6:45 AM
All of my land is cleared and covered with mountains. I'm upgrading everything to the highest level and studying everything I can.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 3, 15 5:26 AM
I think it is completely random, but I got more pieces of the sets when I clicked on the houses to the right rather than the temples, etc. Again, I'm playing with just Aphrodite, no other friends and I've completed two sets.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 2, 15 8:48 AM
You may want to activate your obelisk for an hour that you will be away from the game and see if that helps. (related to above).
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 2, 15 8:46 AM
Also, I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to study some of the things that required a higher number of scrolls than I could hold. I upgraded the Storage to 6 and still came up short. Then I went in to see if I could build another windmill and surprise!, there was access to a third storage, which then allowed me to accumulate enough scrolls to keep going. I'm not as far as y'all, but if you're hitting a wall on not finishing because you can't store enough resources, check and see if you can build another storage.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 2, 15 8:43 AM
Hi guys- I am playing the ipad version, which is 99% the same so far. I get the gift box, you can put stuff in storage LOL.

I have had quests involving the friendship set pop up twice so far. I have been able to complete it just with Aphrodite, but like every other thing on this game, when you need a (whatever), (whatever), or a (whatever), it only appears when it feels like it. So, just keep checking in with friends and getting gifts from them when you can and the friendship set will eventually appear.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 27, 15 5:09 AM
Bless you! I am stacked up right now with having to study 4 different things for 4 different gods and the one with the windmill takes 1 day and 4 hours. In the meantime I've been cutting trees and planting gardens and going on searches and upgrading buildings waiting for this study to finish. I don't want to burn my crystals as obviously there are four more rounds of this behind and I have a feeling I'm going to need them later
 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 26, 15 8:45 PM
On the bottom where you find the storage and the sets, etc, there is another tab that will take you to your friends. Aphrodite is a friend. You can visit once a day and collect gifts and stickers occasionally pop out.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 22, 15 4:40 AM
Same problem as Oz, three hours later. Game said "undergoing maintenance" comes back online and all my buildings are there but booted from level 7 to level 2. It won't recognize my login either.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Jul 15, 15 6:21 PM
My "review" got deleted, so let's try again. I actually DID download the game just so I could play it and then post a review.

Farm Frenzy used to be a great little series. Now it sucks. This new game sucks as well. Here's why: the new cartoon graphics are annoying. I am totally cool with having to play a level again to get another star, but in this game, it doesn't give you any clue about how to earn three stars. In past games in the series, it was pretty basic- finish a level in x amount of time, get a set number of stars. Use said stars to buy new things. In this game? There's is no guideline whatsoever as to how one earns 3 stars on a level. As you need stars to progress forward, I can only assume that further along there is a place to buy some (rolls eyes) In fact, for approx. the first 10 levels, it makes you play a level in their order, so I was guaranteed to have to go back and redo them. It's the first 10 levels. 3 starts should be a no brainer, but it wasn't.

Tournament: I have absolutely no idea what this is. I tried to play it and was lost and confused, so simply an annoying new feature.

Upgrades: for the life of me, I could not find where to use my stars to buy an upgraded truck or warehouse, which of course, makes it impossible to get 3 stars since there is limited space in both.

My overwhelming feeling is that this game plays on the fact that people who have purchased and played all the Farm Frenzys before this will do so again. I bought the last one and wish I read the reviews first. Not spending any money on this one.

And a word to Big Fish: I have three game credits built up and no quality time management games have come through in a while. If you want to continue to get my monthly membership fee, you need to start offering some quality time management games. Otherwise I will once again put my account on hold until the quality games appear.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Jul 14, 15 4:35 AM
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 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jun 9, 15 5:03 AM
I think it's a set up for a part 2. By completing 4.10, we did get a 40 level game and that's pretty traditional.
 posted in Happy Empire on Dec 13, 14 4:07 AM
I am very disappointed that the software keeps blocking out the name of a game developer. Seriously, Big Fish? That's like the Target website blocking out the brand name of Beats headphones because you could also buy Beats at the Beats website. We're discussing which developers produce quality games and which ones could be expected to come out with something new soon and which ones show potentially cool stuff coming out soon (although I will not forgive Rescue Team 3)

So- the people who do Adelantado, Roads of Rome, and Northern Tale don't show anything new or interesting in their upcoming games tab.

The people who do Farm Frenzy had a couple that looked promising but didn't seem to be close.

Anyone else seen anything interesting on the Coming Soon pages of the developers who shall not be named?
 posted in Happy Empire on Dec 10, 14 5:18 AM
Gotta tell you, I put my Game Club membership on hold/cancel last month after building up 3 credits and not having anything to spend them on. Every morning I check in and it seems that 6 of the 7 new games each week are hidden object. We finally get a TM game and it sucks!

I did check both the **** and **** websites and it looks like there are some possibly decent games in development but surely, surely there are more than two companies making good ones?
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