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 posted in Burger Shop 2 on Sep 19, 11 4:46 PM
Such exciting news! I'm so pleased and can't wait to play it.
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 15, 10 2:00 PM
Hi journey2

Is the villagers happiness near 100? If so, it's just a question of waiting for the children to be born. I had to wait for a 4th child for quite sometime during one level so hopefully it's just waiting for time to pass. I made sure I'd upgraded everything to full, no idea if this influences it though.

Good luck
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 15, 10 1:57 PM
Hi Leenie

You only need 1 yellow flower and 2 light orange speckled mushrooms.See there are three pots? If you look at each ingredient it has two sub-ingredients left and right. These left and right correspond to the left and right pots. So for Fireball spell, you need to drag 1 orange mushroom to the left pot, and then drag 1 to the right pot. Then you select the two ingredients from left and right of the orange mushroom icon and add them to the pot, with the yellow flower ingredient that has been made from the left pot.

Hope that made sense! Good luck
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 15, 10 1:53 PM
Hi Lukia

I had the same issue with the haste potion on one level. Always crashed when I used it. I stopped using it after that and posted on technical problems thread. Not completed the game as yet (almost there) but the 15 seconds sounds very annoying!
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 4:03 PM
Hi Ivan,

Thank you for being so helpful today! So nice to see a developer on the forum taking an interest.

When I had played King's Legacy for only 1 hour, I found it difficult to move around and wasn't enjoying the game because of the controls.

BUT! After playing the game for a few hours, it became easy to move and I can make spells super fast now. I'm finding it really relaxing to play now even Gathering ingredients is easy also - I just click each once in a row and do circuits everytime they are fully grown. Making spells gives a nice twist on the resource management theme, and I love the little ghosts and knights.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I think the 1 hour demo doesn't do the game justice because once you learn how to move around with ease, the game becomes a pleasure to play. Lovely graphics, nice music and great having no timer (especially after playing Hotdog Hotshot for hours this weekend lol)

Great game and glad I bought it!
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 2:17 PM
I've been playing the game for a couple of hours and am loving it! The more I play, the more I enjoy it.

However, I've encountered an annoying glitch on the level 'Rebuilding the Wooden Castle'. Every time I cast the 'Haste' spell on my workers, the whole game crashes. It says 'Errors Occured'. This has happened 3 times now

It hasn't happened on any of the earlier levels, just this one.

ETA: It seems to be only Haste, as I have used Growth, Healing, Cure, Fireballs etc with no problems.
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 8:33 AM
You need 2 of the light orange mushrooms and 1 yellow flower for every Fireball spell.

You need to put 1 mushroom in the left pot and 1 in the right pot to get the ingredients to add to the middle pot. The yellow flower needs to go into the left pot to make the ingredient to add to the middle pot.

I bought the mushrooms from the merchant. Hope this helps

ivanbral, I think the level is 'Knights Attack!' where you need to engage 2 enemies using fireballs.

 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 8:21 AM
Pindusa wrote:Where are the mushrooms for the Fireball Spell. Navigating in this is a nightmare. You get lost and lose track of where the castle and the villagers are. It would be nice if there were a button that would take you back to the village.

I bought the mushrooms from the merchant for that level.

I've bought the game and am enjoying it now, and have got the hang of dragging the plants to the pot. Great ideas, bansama.
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 5:07 AM
Thanks for the reply, ivanbral.

My graphics card is good (ATI Radeon 4800 series) with the latest drivers. I play a lot of FPS and World of Warcraft on high settings and have never had any problems before.

It was mainly the inability to change the screen resolution that was annoying. I will try changing it from the main menu. Thanks again.

ETA: Excellent! I just changed all the settings to high and was able to change the resolution on the main menu. The game looks great now and will be more fun to play. 8 minutes of the demo left and I think I think I will buy this one
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 3:32 AM
I really wanted to enjoy this game as I like resource management style games.The graphics are cute but the interface is really difficult and not user friendly.

Moving around feels slow and a chore. The game really needs a mini-map as you can't zoom out very far and see the entire map.

Making spells is tedious too as I found it difficult to click and drag the plants into the pot.

I also went to 'Settings' to adjust the size resolution to fit my monitor but although the options were there, they were 'greyed out' and I couldn't click on them.

The ability to speed up the game would have been nice, too.

Very frustrating as this looks like it could be fun, but the interface/ inability to change settings distracts too much from game play.
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 3:24 AM
I was unable to change the resolution to fit my screen. The option to change for many of the settings was 'greyed out'.

ETA: Thanks, ivanbral Changed the settings on the Main Menu and it works great now.
 posted in Burger Bustle on Jun 13, 10 6:13 AM
Good review, govegril! I am going to try the demo
 posted in Hotdog Hotshot on Jun 13, 10 3:37 AM
I'm really having fun with this game!

I feel a bit stupid though as I didn't realise until yesterday that I could just click on items like fries and coffee and then the customers. I was dragging each one every time and it was so stressful and I had such a headache. I wondered why on Week 6, I had only been able to afford a couple of upgrades and regularly had to retry levels. Duh!

I restarted and am on Week 3 and have 5 upgrades and earned awards finally! My strategy is to constantly click on the frier, coffee maker etc to keep them restocked, and keep my breadboard full of buns so I can see how many burgers/hotdogs I need. I serve the customers drinks, fries etc first and leave the burgers/hotdogs until last so it's easier to see what sauces they want.

Fun game!

 posted in Sally's Studio on Jun 11, 10 12:54 PM
Great tip, Julesy! Thanks, that helped me complete the location medals.

Strangely I got the final trophy even though I had only got 'perfect' on 48/50 levels.
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