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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 21, 17 2:31 PM
Anyone have any pointers?
That feeling you get when there isn't a thread on the level you are stuck on! That must mean everyone else has figured it out, so someone should be able to help. I just don't have enough wood at the end. I feel like I have tried everything, but I am obviously missing something. Any tips?
I am lost on this one, too. Please, someone who has beat the developers record, or come close, please help!
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on Jul 22, 17 11:34 AM
I can't get this one in time. Has anyone done it in gold time? How?
I must be missing something. Somebody please tell me what it is! I did manage to get two stars once, but nowhere near three. Help!
I just updated the game, and the level is much easier now!
5 points per bird. Not much, but a couple of times it made all the difference.
5.10 only use the time freeze bonus. Get the chests first, then free the prisoner and build the obelisk. Once you can get to the workshop, click ahead on it and the Codrus guy to keep everyone moving, and make sure to use the last two presents to freeze the time while you collect the wood. And don't bother breaking the last crystal, upgrading the workshop, or building the outpost.
4.2, gather gold and food and trade for wood until you have about 18 wood, then switch the bridge and concentrate on the gold teeth. As soon as those are gone switch the bridge back and start trading for wood again. Maximize the bonus, leaving things until the bonus is active.
So annoying.
Finally beat the Developer's Record. I followed a plan I read on here somewhere: I skipped the bridge and the obelisk. I also didn't go any farther towards the obelisk than I needed to free the kid. I had a level 2 workshop, and built a gold mine and freed the prisoner as fast as possible, and tried to save gold piles for the bonus. I think what was key for me was realizing that after the lion gets the meat at the top, I didn't need much additional food, and I made sure to be mining constantly. Also make sure that you don't have tasks queued up at the end that cause the worker to take off after clearing the stones instead of first picking up what is next on the path. And I killed birds whenever it was handy. I don't think I needed the points, but I did it anyway.
marebito, what's your method on 3.1?
I beat the record following the guide, except I didn't build the obelisk, and pretty much kept two guys mining and collecting food full time. Also, click ahead on the sheep.
I did beat the Developer's record. I ignored all of the fangs and teeth and landslides, upgraded the first workshop all the way and the second once, and upgraded the house once. As soon as possible, you have to keep trading food for gold, then when you have the holes filled, wood and food for gold. That girl can't ever be standing still. Never mine for gold or trade with that Epeius guy.
I beat the Developer's Record by about 200 points, finally. Here's the basic rundown:
Upgrade house and first bridge at about the same time
Demeter's Obelisk
2nd bridge
upgrade workshop once
at about the same time, before you make it to the prisoner, upgrade house, farm, and build Hermes' Obelisk

Always click ahead, put priority on collecting gold and wood, and clear your way to a tooth quickly so you don't top out on the food collecting.

I almost always used the speed bonus, but I used extra resources a couple of times just because it was available. And I killed lots of birds, but would have beat it anyway.

Now I just need help on 3.1 and the Super Bonus level.

25,000? What am I missing? I am nowhere near that number.
Always gather food first, head to the switches before you build the upper bridge, only use the extra resource bonus (except at the end), and mine gold nonstop after the switches are activated.
That method worked on 3.7, thanks! Still working on 3.1. Anybody? That's the only one left for me.
Did anybody beat these?
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Feb 26, 15 6:55 PM
Outpost, boulders as soon as you can, workshop, workshop, bridge & farm, clear to mine, bridge, home (3 workers), trees, fang, farm, repair roads, lair, fang, pointer.
Gather resources with the bonus as much as possible, then build while waiting for it to recharge. Kill as many birds as possible. Lots and lots of them. Use speed at the end, and once in a while when you have extra on the bonus meter, if you know what I mean. Collect sheep as soon as you clear to them, I beat the developers score by about 15 points after lots of tries. I do not know why I have to keep trying!
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