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 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Aug 19, 14 5:32 PM
my code is 10384, I will add all requests.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 14, 14 11:19 PM
*Even worse after the one day down update! When I go to do blitz rounds it resets and never gives me coins and experience points now. It was totally fine before the update.
Now it's a waste of time visiting neighbors.

*Loading time is slow, slow, slower than before, I think paint drys faster then the game loads.

*A friend of mine totally lost all of her game now since she logged in with Facebook. It wiped her game completely out and when she wanted to play it forced her back to the very beginning. Weeks worth of progress ruined! Please return the game back before the update!!
 posted in Surface: Reel Life Collector's Edition on Apr 11, 14 6:17 PM
I played the beta test for this game. The graphics are good and the story is straightforward. I have not played many of the other "surface" games yet. I can see the complaint from others that this one is not as good.

This starts out as so many games before it, 'My family is in trouble!' Oh dear, here we go again. Sister can't take care of herself, got to go save her! Daughter is being dragged away by something. If this theme for games keeps going like this, I think I'm going to leave my family since it looks like I am the only intelligent one to keep out of trouble.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 10, 14 4:45 PM
I had to try this game. Graphics are good but wow all the bugs! Once a day when it loads to the next screen it crashes and I have to restart. And then when I log into play it sometimes doesn't load my energy back to 50 from the night before. However it is a free game, and it is pretty, but the bugs are very annoying.
 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 14 7:55 AM
I did the beta test for this game. Wonderful game play, beautiful graphics, and deadly story.
At first, I thought this was just another same old "missing sister" HOG game. 'Oh no, my sister is missing again! I need to put her on a leash to keep her out of trouble.' I thought. But, I like doing the beta tests for Big Fish. So, what the heck, why no give it a go?
I was thrilled when I was surprised that this game was detailed and the story was actually good! A buyer for me!
 posted in Journey: The Heart of Gaia on Jan 21, 14 1:28 AM
Amazing story in this game. I have read some people don't like the "cartoon" graphics in this, but to me it didn't matter. Why should all games be the same? It didn't effect the story at all. Story comes first in my book. Long game with lots of puzzles, my only complaint is that some of the puzzles didn't have good instructions on what to do.
 posted in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma on Jan 15, 14 8:48 PM
This game has a very in-depth story line which I like. There is a lot to do despite having three chapters in the game. Graphics are great along with the voices. I like the story which plays top factor in any game I play. The puzzles can be skipped, not all of them are easy. Overall, a good game.
 posted in Emma and the Inventor on Dec 20, 13 11:48 PM
Cute game, on the laid back and easy to play side. I don't mind, it allows me to relax and take my time. The hints are plentiful and the game has no timer which I like. Good relaxing game.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Dec 18, 13 11:46 PM
I played a free-to-play game before. If you like these types of games, then I think it's a very beautiful game to play. I am a fan of the Awakening Series, but won't play this game. I will stick to just the regular games.

The game I played before was Found and got bored with it. I got to a high level, and it became the same old song and dance. I am afraid that Awakening Kingdoms would loose it's spell for me, so I won't invest my time in it. For those who will have the patience and time for such a game as this, I feel they would enjoy it very much!
 posted in Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret on Dec 16, 13 10:52 PM
This is a beautiful game with a good story. The scenes are fantastic, this is an adventure game as well as a HOG. I found the game a little on the short side and some of the HOGs and puzzles are hard. There is no time limit which I like! Enjoyable game all around.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate on Dec 14, 13 10:24 PM
There were many small pieces to find in the HOG scenes. Sometimes I also had to click many times just to get an item. Other than that, the game was ok. Nothing new or special, I still think the first game is the best one.
 posted in Reincarnations: Back to Reality on Dec 7, 13 1:48 AM
Just finished and this story was just as good as the rest. I really loved all the lives in this one. I wish there were more than four, but all four lives were long and each so different that it felt like the game as a whole was a good length. I played on casual and it was still challenging in a few parts. I had to stop and think about what to do next, which I like.
 posted in Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis on Dec 2, 13 11:10 PM
The game has a few bugs in it, but I still managed to play it all the way though. I know this is an older game, I didn't get around to playing it until now. The words on the list of items I needed to find sometimes overlapped, and was unreadable. I thought by now the bugs could be gone, but I was wrong. Other than that, it was a good game.
 posted in Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower on Dec 1, 13 9:33 PM
I owned this game for a long time and just finished it today. I enjoyed it very much, but I do like this first Enlightenus better. This game have wonderful detailed HOG scenes, and bright colors. Very beautiful game. The only problem I see for this game with a few players is that the HOG scenes have very small pieces, and I know it could be troublesome.
 posted in 3 Cards to Dead Time on Nov 28, 13 8:29 PM
I just got around playing this game. I did play the first one sometime last year and remembered being really good. This one however I didn't care for as much. 3 Cards to Dead Time cut to a talking scene right in the middle of a HOG. I can forgive it a few times, but then it got annoying. The graphics, story and all of that were good. But leave the HOG scenes alone please.
 posted in Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone on Nov 28, 13 7:09 PM
I played this game not knowing it was a second game in a series. It didn't matter however, this game was a new story taking place in Greece. It was a classic whodunit, full of clues and interviews about the murders in the game. The story was long, and the scenes were clear, the graphics were great! I enjoyed it all the way to the end.
I beta tested this game just a few days ago, I cannot wait to buy it!
 posted in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink on Nov 25, 13 10:27 PM
I just finished this game tonight, it wasn't anything new for game play or story, but I did enjoy it all the way though. The game was nice and long, it was full of many puzzles and HOG scenes. I did like the helping hand with Matthew, it is creative when a game gives you a 'helper.' The story was interesting enough, 'save the world', 'save someone you know', nothing new, but I do like how creative it was. A steampunk-fantasy land was created for the game, and it held my interest.
 posted in Questerium: Sinister Trinity on Nov 16, 13 10:44 PM
I almost didn't buy this game, and I'm glad I found and bought the collectors edition. It is the most fun game I've played in a while.
It has live action people playing the parts. You have more then one collection to find, money and flowers, and completing both collections is quite a challenge. There is a lot to do, and you play each HOS once.
The collectors edition is actually worth paying for, the bonus story is just as good as the game itself.
 posted in Namariel Legends: Iron Lord on Oct 26, 13 8:47 PM
This was a very challenging game. I enjoyed how hard it was. In some areas, I had no idea where to go or what to do next, so I explored the areas. The graphics are amazing.
I would not categorize this as a hidden object game, it's more like an adventure game with puzzles. Sometimes it took me a minute to figure out how to play the puzzles, some were easy, and some not so much. The story is fantastic and long. It's very addictive and I didn't want to stop playing until the end.
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