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 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Nov 25, 10 10:44 PM
I have to say that I was frustrated at the game. But if you really pay attention to what you have to work with, pay attention to the forums, and figure things out you can see that it usually isn't the game that is the problem it is just figuring out where to look or what to use to solve the puzzle. I was all upset about the mosaic peaces until someone mentioned that the wind spell would take away the sand and the pieces would come right up. and bang, the game was finished. These are games and that is the whole idea. Solving them!
 posted in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal on May 16, 10 10:08 AM
I am sorry. The first walkthrough that I suggested is not as good as I expected. Gamezebo has very good walkthroughs and is easy to access. They are free and very easy to understand.
 posted in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal on May 16, 10 9:47 AM
I found a walkthrough for mystery of the Crystal Portal Here is the site.
Good luck.
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