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 posted in Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry Collector's Edition on Sep 23, 17 7:50 AM
I had no problems downloading or playing the game until the end of the demo. I liked it. Using 8.1, not 10.
I clicked on the end of the knife and just ran it back and forth over the branches and added the flowers and string. It's not a specific cut like the example.
It was "Free".
Yesterday's code HUGE worked for me on the East coast!
 posted in Myths of the World: Bound by the Stone on Apr 17, 17 6:53 AM
ladygem6, You can always use a hint that will point you in the right direction. It will become more clear the further you get into the game.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Lethal Predictions on Apr 17, 17 5:15 AM
I used a PCC shortly into the game because it's the type I like to play. I hope it lives up to my expectations!
 posted in The Unseen Fears: Body Thief on Apr 14, 17 6:35 AM
Great game with all the fear factors that I love in a game. It's a BUY for me!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Mar 23, 17 8:41 AM
My biggest problem with the game is that it doesn't come close to any of the past games. Broken Hour was not good because of the same reason as this game. Too many puzzles, one right after another makes me loose interest in playing because the game flow is not smooth and the storyline breaks up too much. I really miss the regular HO's that we had with all the beginning games. I'm not into straight puzzles which Epix started in MCF. Also too dark for most of us older players, scenes could be lighter in color. Also tired of over overdone graphics that go on forever! Getting very tired of Epix having too many of the majority of games nowdays. I'd like to see more ERS games, but that's my favorite developer. I won't buy for all the above reasons.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Black Hawk Collector's Edition on Mar 9, 17 8:10 PM
Oh come on you guys that don't like the dwarf, he doesn't have that big a role in the game! He's been in the series since the beginning. I would never pass up a great ERS game because of one annoying factor. Graphics and puzzles are good, as usual! Gameplay has always been smooth, what's not to like about this series.
 posted in Secrets of Great Queens: Old Tower on Feb 22, 17 12:14 PM
The first time I had to use Captain Louis to put the boards on the plank it wouldn't work, yet the hint circles the red spot for the Captain. The inventory is not available so I can't try that! Disappointed in this game. We all need a fix to correct the problems.
 posted in Cursed on Jan 2, 17 5:40 AM
I found this game to be exactly what it's name implies. Scare factor is very good, and I liked it enough I bought it. There is a map, there is a hint, you just have to pay attention to find them. Puzzles are different and I didn't find any of them hard to do.

 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie on Dec 16, 16 10:18 PM
I'm still playing the SE and I really like the game. Plenty to do, ho's were good, voices and graphics also very good and the puzzles were different. I think this deserves at least 5 stars!
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie on Dec 16, 16 10:11 PM
I've played this game off and on all day and I love it! The puzzles were good. HO scenes are different. Plenty to do to keep your interest. ERS has always been my favorite developer! You can't beat their graphics and voices!! I recommend the game!

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 16 5:55 AM
I am also stuck and can't go further at the light. I bought the game, but now can't play any further. Followed the directions exactly, but nothing will work. I'm playing with windows 8.1.

I watched the u tube video for this and you simply highlight the infinity, and the door should automatically open!

I still can't get past this, so am just going to ask for a refund!
 posted in Clutter VI: Leigh's Story on Nov 7, 16 6:01 AM
I also had the same Norton Sonar warning! Immediately removed the game. I have never not had some problems trying to play any of the Clutter games!
 posted in Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 16 7:23 AM
Game was slow and boring. Way too much busy work! No buy here!
 posted in Shadowplay: Darkness Incarnate Collector's Edition on Aug 22, 16 6:24 AM
This game just got better and better the further you played into it! Wish we had more this good!! Thanks Mad Head!! It's my third day of game play and still not finished!!!
 posted in Time Gap on Aug 16, 16 7:35 AM
My review is that it moves right along with things for you to get for each person. I'm now at the point where more areas are locked and I'm not sure what to do there! I do like that the items to find are visible and not many to a scene!! A match 3 did come up at one point and it was really easy! You get a better bonus the faster you get through things! Will probably use a PCC on the game. Would be a perfect rainy day game!!
 posted in Vermillion Watch: Moorgate Accord Collector's Edition on Jun 26, 16 1:48 PM
I'm in exactly the same shape! Can't get the spade or match to do anything! Anyone have any ideas. I'd like to finish the game.

I figured it out finally. Use the spade on the piece of paper to the right of it, and the match on what looks like fabric right next to it. You will then get some more HO's to find!
 posted in Surface: Lost Tales Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 16 1:25 AM
I'm using windows 8 and I have the same problem picking up the sock.
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