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 posted in Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington on Jun 18, 10 3:16 AM
kitwhite wrote:I would love it if, in the description post of a new game, we were told how many chapters there are (of course, assuming there are "chapters"). I've just finished Chapter 6 of this game and still have 25 minutes left on the trial. If I get through Chapter 10 on the trial and decide to buy it, I'm going to be unhappy if there was only one more chapter, ya know?

I'm a good and fast HOG player. I was 3/4 of the way through chapter 6 when the hour trial ended. Either Kitwhite is a supreme HOG player to whom we should all bow down or her nose is growing!!
 posted in World Mosaics 3 - Fairy Tales on Jun 14, 10 6:25 AM
I really like WM1 and play it often. I was a bit disappointed in WM2 and passed on it, mostly for tech issues. Here is my one gripe about the series as it continues.
Most players familiar with WM 1 & 2 probably think as I do. Since there are 12 chapters, and all are self contained, why must we do them in sequence? I got thru most of chapter 3 in the hour demo. I got somewhat bored that there were no 15 X 15 or 20 X 20 grids which for me are the most fun and often the most challenging.
Fugazo should in the future either allow chapters to be played at the gamer's discretion or intersperse the larger grids within chapters. I would also like to see 25 and even 30 square grids. So come on Fugazo...give is more options on game play.
 posted in 1 Penguin 100 Cases on Jun 7, 10 5:54 PM
I'm not usually into the cartoonish games but this one is the bomb!! a bomb in the good way. I love our little Pengoo. This game seems childlike but it is not for the kiddies. Way too hard for the junior HOGgers. A lot of items are really hard to find and they can be tiny. Glad I have a large monitor. The dialogue in many parts is quite sassy and irreverant. Uncle Mao in the penguin school is a scream. This is a very long game as indicated by the 100 cases. I have finished the game and certainly will replay it many times.
If anyone enjoys a lighthearted HOG with a degree of challenge built in, you cannot go wrong with this excellent game. I only buy games that I give an A+ rating and I only own about 35 games out of the thousands out there. This one gets the A+.
 posted in Explorer: Contraband Mystery on Jun 7, 10 4:26 AM
so far the Lost City of Z is the only NATGEO game that I have enjoyed. This one has a fairly lame story line. I don't mind small or well concealed objects so that part was ok for me. Having so many jewels and coins etc. to find in each scene got to be a distraction for me. The gorilla segment was educational. I got thru it and the diamond mission completely in the demo. If the drug mission is the last, then the game fails for being too short. I got up to the point where things were found in an arrested man's car. All in all, the game had little that I found compelling and cannot consider a buy. It was just ok to kill an hour.
 posted in Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary on Jun 6, 10 4:09 AM
Only one word is needed to describe this game: YAWN!!!
 posted in The Inquisitor on Jun 1, 10 4:49 AM
The find the difference segments are so brutal I felt as if I had been the subject of an inquisition. The music is brooding, repetitious and flat out lame. Like someone else reported earlier, finding one blade of grass borders on the sadistic. This could have been an interesting game because the story line can hold a player's interest. However, there are too many flaws in the game to make it buyable.
 posted in Faded Reality on May 31, 10 4:19 PM
Smallhaven wrote:Well, after a half hour of the demo - I'm so done with this game. If the developers don't understand the difference between a spoon and a golf club... I don't have the patience to go on.

This is an okay game but okay doesn't equal purchase for me.

a spoon is a colloquialism term for one of the short irons in a golf bag. I do agree with the poster though that the use of this term can be more than confounding to anyone unfamiliar to the game of golf
 posted in Antique Road Trip USA on May 30, 10 3:59 AM
a fairly standard HOG. I liked the cryptic clues the best and the worst part ( for me ) was the find the difference segments as I hate those all the time. The bluegrass background music was ok at first but the sameness got annoying after awhile. I wish developers would change the music for each scene change. In this game there was an Oriental shop so why not have music appropriate to that culture? The hint system was fairly quick and I liked the pup chewing on the shoe while the next hint was booting up.

Not compelling enough for me to consider buying but I enjoyed the free hour.
 posted in Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent Collector's Edition on May 28, 10 3:19 AM
I finished the demo in about 45 minutes and I can wait for the $6.99 version before buying. People...there is nothing collectible about a computer game!!! I have said it before and I'll say it again, a collectible is something that is usually limited in its production, created by someone who has reknown in his/her field, or is something that is old, rare and hard to find. These CE games will never meet that criteria.
I could care less about wallpaper, bonus games, etc. The developers and distributors dupe their clients into thinking they have built the better mousetrap. think back to other CE's you may have bought. Are they now so special that you go back to them over and over again? A collectible is also some item that can be sold at a profit somewhere in the future. How many of your CE purchases will get to that status??
 posted in Buried in Time on May 27, 10 3:10 AM
played 2 minutes and uninstalled immediately. This is not a HOG. It is like a Virtual Villagers game. Those of you who enjoy that type might like this. I wish that BFG would properly classify all of its games when they are introduced.
 posted in I Spy Fantasy on May 26, 10 4:58 PM
I think you're all being a bit too hard on this game. I do admit it's geared for kids and I wish the action were a bit faster. I wish my grandson ( who is 3 ) were a bit older so I could introduce him to the niceties of HOGs. I hope this game is still available in a couple of yrs. I did the hour demo and had a good time with it. Not much free these days even for 60 minutes.
 posted in Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds on May 26, 10 4:04 AM
standard murder HOG. Why do game makers put some objects in places they would never be seen. A ball on a wall, a bird in a fish bowl or whatever, give me a break. Cannot understand why the police captain Vance is such a miserable person in this one. I guess some of you will like this game. For me, it's not up to par with the better whodunit HOGs. I'll pass.
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