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 posted in Circus Empire on Jun 17, 10 11:34 AM
sorry not yet I have asked that question many times and have no response no one is answering my question if you figure it out let me know
 posted in Circus Empire on Jun 9, 10 9:25 AM
Well if no one is interested I wont even bother starting
 posted in Circus Empire on Jun 8, 10 4:14 PM
Since I have been hearing people having difficulty with the game with the walkthrough being not very helpful and since I am stuck in orient with creating a task for the princess and no one seeming to help. I have been thinking of creating my own detailed walkthrough. Just like to hear if anyone wishes me to do this before starting Circus Empire over
 posted in Circus Empire on Jun 4, 10 9:50 AM
I had the hardest time understanding this too but figured it out. So when you click on create a show click a camel that can do a circle trick (basically they go around the ring in the circus and walk around) you will see yellow + signs when you have selected the first camel with a blue background. Click on it and click on another camel, then if you need more keep adding. (let me know if this has helped any other questions please ask.)
 posted in Circus Empire on Jun 3, 10 1:28 PM
Hey your on the America campaign I read. just curious if you could help me move forward. Im stuck in orient and have recieved no usefull sugestions. I have to create a show for the princess and dont seem to get anywhere, i have to create 3 tricks per performer. I tried that then i fired most of my staff, did not work??? I am very lost ad seeing youve gotten this far I am hoping you culd help.
 posted in Circus Empire on May 28, 10 10:04 AM
I have been trying to figure this out forever. I have to have all performers do at least 3 tricks........ thats allot.... okay so i did it with their best acts... nothing happened. The walkthrough does not help either.

Anyone who has done this any help is appreciated.
 posted in Circus Empire on May 28, 10 9:57 AM
has anyone figure it out any help is appreciated I have tried everything I know
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