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The challenges are the plain circles without the mouse holes to fill. You get a diamond for completing them and an hour glass for completing in the allotted time.
I'm sorry I misunderstood. Use the black light on the paintings and they give you the clues both numbers and pictures. Hint: How many legs does a spider have? Each has a number and a picture indicating another number. Enter those in order on the pad.
The remote changes the curtain and light falls on the touch pad. Press in the keys that are covered by a shadow finger. On one there are two buttons to push because the shadow covers two buttons. Hope this helps.
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 13, 17 8:05 AM
Wait for the man to come in toward the end with a magazine. Tap on him. That is the last one.
 posted in Viking Saga on Nov 21, 17 12:10 PM
See page 4 chapter 2 level 12and you will get the answer
 posted in Gnomes Garden: Halloween on Oct 30, 17 5:28 AM
Please post what you did. I cannot figure this out for three stars. Thanks
 posted in Gnomes Garden: Halloween on Oct 24, 17 5:34 AM
I got three stars doing it this way: Gather both wood. Build sawmill. gather stone and wood. build quarry. Use speed bonus as soon as available and throughout also. build goblin table asap and assign one to the sawmill continuously. Quickly keep thieves away from wood and stone by clicking on them before they get there. Fill in swamp and repair hive. Build fireman house. Use Fireman constantly to keep thieves away. Fill in swamp and Build Crystal mine. gather resources quickly. Build station. Build food mill and upgrade. You have to be quick on this one and keep the sawmill running full speed with the two workers or it won't work. So it is important to build the goblin table as soon as you can. Also don't lose resources to the goblins! Hope this helps.
 posted in Dr. Cares Pet Rescue 911 Collector's Edition on Jul 15, 17 5:16 AM
I am also having a problem with resources that have no place to restock. The notes have 1 item in stock but there is no place I can find to restock. I am using a MAC 10.12.5. This begins on level 25. I do not find instructions for playing as an administrator for MAC on the tech site. Later I found you can restock the notes after using the note by clicking on the red circle then on the printer but only after using one note. You can't seem to stock more than one at a time. This was just not clear or a usual way to restock so if this helps others that is the solution and not a tech issue.
 posted in Gnomes Garden: New home on Mar 23, 17 10:23 AM
I also agree and have not purchased games recently because of this or have deleted ones I bought in frustration. Put in an easier mode between untimed and timed! I will then buy them! Why lose out on buyers?
 posted in Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret on Feb 24, 17 4:21 AM
Switch to a regular pointer. Don't use the game custom pointer. Go into options and unclick it . This gets rid of most glitches at least it did for me. i couldn't get past the first level fox until I did that. Now I am on level 27 with no problems.
 posted in Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret on Feb 23, 17 3:41 AM
I am so glad that this game allows a model that makes it possible to get three stars with effort. Lately there have been several games that just seem too frustrating for me. I love TM games and and am willing to play levels over several times, research how to get three stars etc. But some games recently are just too challenging for me. I am having so much fun with this game again! Thank you for creating an entertaining game that has a pace I can win without going to the untimed mode (which I hate). Bravo!
 posted in Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret on Feb 22, 17 11:34 AM
If you get rid of the game custom pointer and use regular pointer the game works fine. If I tried to use the game pointer it would freeze. This happens on some games so I always try this first.
 posted in Chase for Adventure: The Lost City on Nov 19, 16 2:56 PM
You have to make sure to free each drop site. First get to the food drop site, then the wood. Repair the water and get to Jim's house. Don't upgrade anything until you get rid of the monkey and rock to get to the gold site or you won't have enough gold to get rid of the rock. Then gather resources as fast as you can, upgrade camp once and water twice. Use increase resources throughout. Hope this helps.
 posted in Chase for Adventure: The Lost City on Nov 19, 16 2:29 PM
I got three stars by getting the first gold mine ASAP and just collecting as fast as possible. then upgrade the first gold mine so you get plenty of gold. Then go for the rest only upgrading to another worker when you can. Don't upgrade the water, it's not necessary. Use the shock work as much as possible. Hope this helps.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita on Oct 21, 16 1:59 PM
I also finish everything else and find the shield but there is no where to use it unless I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated.
 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 9, 16 3:32 AM
you have to step on them in the same order as on the wall without re stepping on them.
 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 7, 16 2:40 PM
I found if you click on a square and then click on the next one it helped to not hit a pink one. You can only touch the black ones once each. Then they turn blue. It took a few tries.
 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 7, 16 2:39 PM
if you mean the bugs with words you can't read yet, you have to run past them all the way to the place that gives you ice. Just run straight ahead. Once you have ice you can kill those bugs by pressing the space bar and typing ice instead of fire. There are instructions on that after you get ice. Hope this helps. When you see the bugs run as fast as you can straight ahead, you can't go back.
 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 7, 16 2:10 PM
also if you upgrade portal you get a portal that will take you back to the bridge when you reach the end of the area.
 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 7, 16 1:59 PM
Have you lit the lamps? They will activate the lift beside them. I am going through this area again and can add: You have to get spark before you can light the lamps to use the lifts. Go through all pathways you can find, some are narrow or have to be created, After you get to the spark you can now read the yellow words. You can than kill the yellow bugs and light the lamps next to lifts. This allows you to be transported on those. You have to switch to spark, ice, or fire depending on the activity.
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