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 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Nov 14, 11 9:00 PM
What's up with the walkthrough????? I can't find it. Help please!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Nov 14, 11 8:48 PM
Thanks Antiem! I finished the game but want to go back and get "expert" on all the levels I missed.

Thanks for helping out the little struggling fishies like me!
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Nov 2, 11 9:37 PM
I've been working on this level for sometime now and I'm still stuck. I've read the walkthrough but still stuck. After reading some of the other posts, I'll try putting out the fires sooner. Is the walkthrough correct in that I don't need to build the workshop or the brewery???
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Sep 18, 11 8:17 PM
I've played this level at least 10+ times and am still stuck. What's the steps needed to move on? Does anyone have a walkthrough for this game????
 posted in Rescue Team on Sep 5, 11 11:17 AM
I've played this level (24) over 10x and still can't get gold. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!
 posted in Rescue Team on Sep 5, 11 11:04 AM
I am also frustrated with rescuing citizens. I'm shooting for getting gold on all levels and have do so with 11 exceptions. I'm still working on it, but could use some tips. Help!
 posted in Artist Colony on Jun 5, 10 6:05 PM
i was looking for a game for today and based on all of your comments, I'm going to give this a try. Thank you all.
To reach the bonus chapter, you must click on "Extras".
Did you click on the right icon? You must click "Extras" to get bonus chapter.
thanks for the welcome and response. I finally figured it out on my own and was able to move and actually finished the game. I'm doing the bonus chapter now.
Where do I find money for the vending machine?
Never mind. I got the solvent and the crystal. I'm moving on!
I can't get the green crystal. How do i prepare the solvent?
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