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 posted in Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies on Feb 1, 17 5:07 PM
yessss! Waiting too!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 17 4:37 PM
Hi! My friend code is 639143. Looking for game friends!! I'm obsessed with this game, so playing quite often right now.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Apr 15, 14 5:42 PM
I would love some recommendations too. I've played a few Nancy Drew games, which are similar with the adventure part of the game play. But this one had lots of HOG too. MCF: 13th Skull was awesome.

Would love to hear more recommendations for that adventure (walk around and snoop) and HOG combo.
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Sep 27, 13 3:34 PM
ricoblade wrote:Hi - I saw your question and knew I'd done a walkthrough for this level and found it at:

Yep! ricoblade's tips worked for me on gold hard.
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Sep 27, 13 3:31 PM
ricoblade wrote:Hi again Tatajojo, after a lot more replaying this level, I think I might have cracked it!

Get the Sawmill, Apiary and Well fully upgraded with one Worker before going onto the other buildings and Workers.

There are various distractions that you don't need to do:

- Northern wood bridge
- Road and resources north of the Merchants to the northern wood bridge
- Wasps east of the Quarry
- Road and resources north of the Grain Farm to the Wasps east of the Quarry

You need to fully upgrade the Goat Farm straight away

You need to upgrade the Grain Farm twice straight away so it produces 4 Grain to feed the Goat Farm

You can wait to upgrade the Quarry and collect 2 Stone to go with the 2 you have remaining from collecting to build the bottom right stone bridge then fully upgrade it as you need 6 Stone at a time for each Totem.

Stop collecting Wood when you've finished upgrading and have built all the roads needed.

Hope that helps!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - This worked for me for gold a HAIR!!!
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 21, 13 8:44 PM
I have no idea what happened, but I downloaded this game to play the trial and next thing I new it said Trial Expired. I never played though! :/ I'm thinking I left the game on? But I never opened it.

SO TELL ME - did you buy it? Love it? Is it very much like roads to rome, King Arthur games, my kingdom for the princess? Equally enjoyable or better? This would be my first buy-without-a-trial! lol
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Jan 10, 13 10:09 AM
Hi everyone,

Is this the latest VV game??

 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Jan 10, 13 10:03 AM
I would love to know too. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Sep 7, 12 10:45 PM
ACK! I missed this in the text talk in the game. Probably clicking too fast, I love this game!

Is there a benefit to having JOY? Like faster moving workers, faster rent?? I know when you pick the fruit, you get money...then it grows to become Joy again. So my Q is what's the benefit to growing and keeping Joy? (if any)

 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Jan 5, 12 8:52 PM
I LOVE World of Zellians and would give anything for a World of Zellians 2!!

Similar to Royal Envoy are the following IMO (I love them all):

The Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy

The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising

Roads of Rome 1, 2 and 3.

Forgotten Lands: First Colony

My Kingdom for the Princess (you mentioned)

Jack of all Tribes

Island Tribe 1, 2 and 3

Island Realms

Be a King 1, 2 and 3 (building game with enemy defense added in)

Hope this helps and HAPPY GAMING!!!

Pioneer Lands
 posted in LandGrabbers on Jan 5, 12 8:49 PM
I would LOVE a Landgrabbers 2 as well!! I was crazy addicted to this game.
 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Jan 5, 12 8:36 PM
I bought this CE game (my first CE) for $6.99 on 12/24/11. Big Fish was running some sort of special on CE's and I grabbed this one FAST! So, I have no complaints. I wouldn't pay more than $6.99 for a game here on BF as a club member. Sometimes it takes patience to wait for such a sale. In the meantime, I'll replay games I haven't played in a long time (like the first Royal Envoy) or download trials of games I haven't tried yet.

As for the "hours of gameplay". This has to depend on the person. For me...I go by days or, if it's good, weeks. Not "hours". I'm on the second week on this game and I see I have much more to go. It sure is lasting a while. I like that.
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 23, 11 7:35 PM
Thanks for the info.

As far as soundtrack info...I can just imagine listening to the background music while jogging. I can pretend I'm running to go upgrade a house. LOL!!!!
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 22, 11 11:33 PM
What is the difference between "Collector's Edition" and the regular game?
 posted in LandGrabbers on Oct 28, 11 6:40 PM
That would be AWESOME!!!! *fingers crossed*
 posted in LandGrabbers on Sep 27, 11 9:58 PM
Oooh, thought I checked all the threads. Thank you so much. This should help *fingers crossed*
 posted in LandGrabbers on Sep 26, 11 10:19 PM

This is the last level till I beat the game in General Mode with Star.

I'm wondering if it's possible to get this level in star at all! Anyone have tips??

I've taken over the blue's towers and built as much red on the right to break into green on the left, but..... to beat 9:04. I just don't know. Has anyone done it?
 posted in LandGrabbers on Sep 26, 11 10:03 PM
This game got me good. Addicted!!!! It's like Risk, my husband says, though I never played. The horn blowing "din-din-diiiinnnnn!!" rings through head all day. LOL I've been playing for about 2 weeks. I have 1 level left to beat general star on then I'll have completely beat the game. Lava 8, I think. It's refreshing to be so challenged with a game!

I think it's definitely one of those take-the-time-to-get-to-know-it type games. At first, I was slightly confused and even a little disappointed. Then it all came together how it works. Now, it's simple gameplay (simple, not easy). And super exciting!

TWO THUMBS UP!!! And yes please. Would love a Landgrabbers 2!

Words that describe the game IMO:

 posted in Vegas Penny Slots on Aug 3, 11 8:52 AM
I'm with the majority here. I love video penny slots in Vegas and Atlantic City. But this game was soooo boring. I was winning way too easily, there was zero thrill.

Like someone else said, I was winning free spins left and right - sometimes 50 free spins! I got up and did something else while the spins were going and going.

I love the concept of a penny slot game, but unfortunately this game doesn't cut it at all.
 posted in Farmers Market on Aug 3, 11 8:46 AM
Very good graphics, music, story and game play. I don't play many games more than once after beating "Expert" or "Gold". This one I just did. Fun, relaxing and challenging too.

I would LOVE to see a Farmer's Market 2.
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