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 posted in Jewel Match 2 on Jun 30, 10 6:35 PM
i found some tricks to unfreezing it after i messed with it awhile. for example, if it freezes at the very beginning of a level, you can listen for the "ok" button as you scroll over it, and click on it even tho you wont notice the game unfreeze. then make a match, (usually towards the top is pretty foolproof) and it will unfreeze. also, too much magic will freeze it, so just use one of your magic spells and it will unfreeze. its kinda difficult to explain instead of just showing someone, but i hope this helps!! because after i do these things, it still looks frozen, but i can always maneuver around the frozen screen until it goes back to normal. i like the game enough to put up with it. good luck!!
 posted in Jewel Match 2 on Jun 6, 10 10:21 AM
mine freezestoo, and im addicted to this game!! i have to use task manager. i have a laptop with windows 7 too. its the only game i have ever purchased, i dont even get into games on the computer usually. i was on level 28 and it froze but i could see the line down the middle that had the menu in the backround where i could still hit the buttons but not see them, so i did, and it bumped me back to level one!! Eff!! well i still play it, even half assed its still fun. but what a bummer. i want to know of similar games that i might like too if anyone has suggestions...
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