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 posted in Create A Mall on Jul 27, 14 9:17 PM
ughhhhh i want to play this game. Just can't get it to work right is runs so slow. please fix the game.
 posted in Farm Up on Mar 29, 14 8:43 PM
horeste55 wrote:hello ,
i am in germany and playing farm up :-) i love this game but i have a problem...
i can not go to kodiak ,havanna and monterrey annymore is this normal?? does it get open again?? because i am running out of quests.
and is there a way to get more goldcoins from the angel??
 posted in Farm Up on Mar 29, 14 8:37 PM
i'm on level 37 but still don't know what to do with the keys. does anyone know what to do with them.
 posted in 2 Tasty on Jun 10, 10 4:22 PM
3rd room. the right side below the butter and next to the meat on a bottom shelf
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