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 posted in Country Harvest on Aug 8, 10 7:01 AM
Changing my monitor settings to 1024x768 worked for me. The game started right up.
 posted in Country Harvest on Aug 8, 10 6:57 AM
Same problem here. Trying to run it on a Vista machine and all it does is refresh the screen over and over. Perhaps there's something wrong in the way it tries to adjust my screen settings. I'll try some other settings and see if that helps. In the meantime, it will be impossible to try (let alone buy) this game until this bug is fixed.
 posted in Buried in Time on Jun 12, 10 4:28 PM
I too had this problem, and it's not enough just to search around for all the treasure. I have all the collectibles, have upgraded everything and have hired everyone. I needed one more level 6 Analyzer and the last analyzer for hire was only level 4. It's a shame that there's no other way to achieve levels than the current tasks, or a way, in desperation to buy a level up for a character. Also, it's impossible to level up the current analyzers when the collectibles found near the end are too high a level for them to analyze. It's a lose-lose situation and due to this frustration I won't bother playing the game a second time - and wish I hadn't wasted the time to play it the first time.

I don't need a game to be simple, but I need a game to be able to be finished.

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