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 posted in Luxor on Nov 18, 13 11:27 AM
Don't get me wrong - I love a challenge. But when you try, and try, and try again and never get above a level, you tend to lose heart! I love the Luxor series, and I don't think any of the subsequent games were this hard. I guess the developers toned it down after this one!
 posted in Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock on Oct 14, 11 11:53 AM
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it didn't help with my issue. Whenever I try to use an item, it keeps telling me "something went wrong!" or "that's not how you use that item", when I know it IS how you use it. I try clicking all over the screen. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, it will work after many, many, many tries. This is really frustrating. I've never had a Big Fish Game not work properly before.
 posted in Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story on Feb 14, 11 5:49 PM
I have always found BFG games to be a superior product - a great entertainment value at a great price. However, I have a bone to pick with you about this particular game. Whoever designed/developed this game really doesn't have a good grasp of the English language. The narrative is stilted and confusing. The grammar, punctuation and spelling could definitely use work. Many of the letters, etc. just plain didn't make sense. I found all of this very distracting, and a little annoying. The basic game is good - but next time please get someone with a better understanding of English to do the translating. I certainly mean no disrespect to the designers/developers. Because, as I said, it is a very good game otherwise.
 posted in Phantasmat Collector's Edition on Jan 27, 11 10:25 AM
I have just finished this game, and now I'm starting the bonus content. I just wanted to say how very much I am enjoying this fantastic game! So much fun and challenge for a very good price. This is by far one of the best. Thank you, once again, BFG. Keep up the good work.
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on Jun 14, 10 7:10 AM
This game is absolutely beautiful - unique and imaginative story line, gorgeous to look at, and utterly engaging. It would be perfect if there was just more to it! Once you solve it - you're done. That's the only downside. If this game had more levels and/or mysteries to solve, I could play for days and days and never get tired of it.

I am really looking forward to the new PuppetShow game - but I probably won't invest in the Collector's Edition because based on my experience with the current game, I really need more than a couple of days' worth of gameplay.

So, how about it, BFG? Any plans to make a full-blown, large file PuppetShow game? I for one would certainly pay for the chance to play my heart out with more challenges and levels and story lines.
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on Jun 13, 10 6:04 PM
I did grab this at 2.99, and it was a great deal and a very enjoyable couple of hours - now what? I wish there was more to it! I don't have much interest in replaying the game - so, I guess I'm done?
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