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 posted in Dairy Dash on Jan 31, 11 8:44 AM
kambi wrote:I made it through 46 after many many tries, and now I am stuck on 47! Think it will take awhile! Good luck with 46, it can be done!
 posted in Dairy Dash on Jan 11, 11 8:10 AM
ASILMIT wrote:I'm having alot of trouble getting passed level 47, any suggetions
 posted in Dairy Dash on Nov 12, 10 12:58 PM
i have the same kind of problem with lvl15, only when i get done with 16, it keeps going back to 15. now i'm also having a problem even loading it. what is going on with this thing anyway?
 posted in Diner Dash Flo on the Go on Jun 14, 10 3:44 PM
hi guys. we have been playing flo on the go forever and we keep getting stuck on level 46. have any of you guys played this game and do you have any ideas on how to get past 46? its a really good game, as most of the diner dash games are, but level 46 is frustrating. any ideas?
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