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 posted in Santa's Toy Factory: Nonograms on Dec 15, 16 12:52 PM
Actually, a surprisingly challenging little game and, as far as I've gotten so far, NO guessing required. At the 13th board, I thought the only way to solve it was to guess and was about to close it in disgust. But then I realized it simply required more logic and effort than I'd put in, and was completely solvable simply by logic. Subsequent puzzles provided a similar experience - sparse squares to be filled in & guesses seemingly required, but if you looked closely enough, at least as far as I've gotten so far, there was always an entirely logical & deterministic way to fill each square...I just had to work (way) harder at it than I'd been accustomed to doing with other more colorful, flashier nonogram games. I'm hoping the challenge continues & was not just a fluke in construction of a few of the grids.

The single color & easy first few puzzles give a decided mis-impression of this game. Stick with it a bit and you may be similarly delighted with the unexpected challenge it can provide. It turned out to be way better than earlier entries by this developer that I've demoed and a definite step up from what I'd expected.
 posted in Campfire Legends: The Hookman on May 5, 16 11:26 PM
Have you tried placing the hanger on as an antenna & then using the pliers to move the dial to 100 to get the "news"?
 posted in Grim Tales: The Final Suspect Collector's Edition on Apr 22, 16 3:31 PM
Just to make the answer easier to find for the next poor sucker who comes looking for it & sees no answer here so gives up like I was about to do:
As an answer to another query in this section shows (THANKS Raewynk!) - look to the left of the puzzle pop-up - the missing piece is hiding behind the "Reset" control tab (below the Info tab). Sheesh!

Grab it from behind the Reset button, put into the jigsaw, & the blue spider automatically appears beside the girl's portrait & so you can complete the step. Would have been nice if the walkthru had contained even a hint about this needed step.
 posted in Nightmare Realm on Nov 17, 11 10:40 PM
Can anyone confirm what the real download size of Nightmare Realm is? I only have dialup & am suspicious that the listed size is incorrect (see below for why). I'd hate to buy it only to find I could not download it.

The game description page says Nightmare Realm is only a 217M download. But it requires 735M of harddrive space, which indicates way more compression of the download file than most BFG games have. When I tried to order it on CD, I got an error message that it was not available on CD, which makes me wonder if that is because the CD program knows the download file is really > 600M, rather than the smaller size shown on the description page. It also has a demo that is 176M, but that is so close to the listed full game size of 217M size that it hardly seems like it would have made sense to make a separate try vs buy version.

Can anyone who has bought the game confirm for me whether the listed download size of 217M really is correct?? Thanks.
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