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 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 26, 10 1:57 PM
Snap. I am with you on this one. I've left that room and am in another. The trouble is I am clicking on the parts of a mosaic and they are not picking up. the hint is showing me where they are and my clicking isn't picking them up. Getting fed up with this game now but hate not finishing it.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 26, 10 1:53 PM
Take the scissors and keep clicking around all the hedges. It will clear in the end. The hedges part clear with each click.

I'm stuck further on. I'm collecting 14 pieces of a mosaic in the temple only when I click on them they aren't picking up. The hint shows me where they are but not picking up on the clicking. Getting really fed up now!
 posted in Love Story: Letters from the Past on Aug 21, 10 3:12 PM
Detightful game. Easy to play with a lovely story. Nice change to have an older woman in the story. When you think the game is over (by finding all the letters)then it starts again on a different track and finishes beautifully. Really recommend it!
 posted in Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington on Aug 12, 10 2:45 PM
I've only reached chapter 2 and am stuck in the police station. I can't get the letters to stick to the board - and I do know my alphabet! I downloaded this game on a trial and only have 5 minutes left so I'm not going to buy it. This is the second Agatha Christie game I've tried and I've abandoned them both. Shame that!
 posted in Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders on Jun 18, 10 3:18 PM
Downloaded the game with no problems on my laptop with vista. Have played it and throughly enjoyed it. It was nice not being timed which meant i didn't have to rush through each page and enjoyed the lovely graphics. Some of the scenes were absolutely beautiful. Would have enjoyed having voices instead of having to read all the time. The mini games were fun and not too hard. Am new to gaming and found this one delightful. Do try it - especially if you are a beginner like me.
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