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 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Jun 26, 13 12:01 PM
Help for levels 37 and 47. I have gotten master (elite) on both. The two levels are very similar, with a few small differences.

- Do not stop making balloons (Level 37) or playing the organ (Level47) at any time.
- You must have all or almost all upgrades and employees.
- All of the spots on the board are green and 2 places from being maxed out for a coin. Use this to your advantage and try to get to get as many coins as possible. Reserve one spot for your blue guys, but try to use every other station with the green. Wait to pick up your coins during the "halftime hustle."
- Look for the swaps, they are very important. For level 47 - After you get your blue guys going, place all the green guys on the board in their desired locations as fast as you can, wait for them to be ready for their next station (they won't get mad because you are playing the organ) and look for the swaps, there should be one or two.
- Reiterating the above: The young girls are KEY. In Level 47 you will NOT be able to master the level without several of them. You can keep them happy by using the organ and giving them preferential treatment. If they are happy they will go to more stations than your other customers. Unfortunately, the level can be stingy with them, so I would restart the level until there was at least one in the first group of blue customers (one seems to signal that there will be more but it took MANY restarts to get them in the lineup.) Then Voila! Master

Good Luck, and we're all counting on you!
 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Jun 26, 13 11:56 AM
Bmojet is right on. The method they described worked the first time with no problem - just toss the customers on the root beer right away not worrying about setting up a color pattern, and then color match as perfectly as possible after that. You know you've done it right when one of the customers orders something random - in my case a hot dog.
 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Mar 1, 13 3:16 PM
Got the master on Elite! RiffRandell's advice is right on. It clicked for me when I started giving the mayor a slot of his own on the soda, fries, and ice cream, until the end where I prioritized to get more coins.

 posted in Spa Mania 2 on Jul 24, 12 10:51 AM
I am having the same problem and having a very difficult time playing the harder levels.

In other games there has been a choice to turn off the custom cursor... why not on this one!? Is there a way to turn it off that I am not seeing?
 posted in Farm Tribe on Nov 3, 11 11:21 AM
chezza6817 wrote:with the last totem you get your builder to chop the tree to the right of the totem down then you can open the totem

Thanks, I would have NEVER tried that... it looks like the path is clear, and the people seemingly can walk right up to the totem base. You have to cut down the palm tree to the right to expose the sun on the totem.
 posted in Roads of Rome II on May 25, 11 4:49 PM
Yes, please make this one for mac! I LOVED the first one. One of the best time management games I have played.
 posted in Hotel Dash: Suite Success on Dec 14, 10 2:49 PM
Agreed... I did the whole thing in one evening ... got expert on every level and did not have to repeat a level ONCE. I just finished playing Cooking Dash 3... this was cake compared to that one. I must say, though, that I'm not really disappointed ... it was still fun, just really easy.

What is survival mode? My game only seems to have one "mode"... regular.

 posted in Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills on Nov 24, 10 6:48 PM
I just went through this... It is hard, but possible. You have to begin to memorize the food orders... and just make the old men wait. They get pissed, but I accidentally let 2 or 3 storm off right at the end and I still got the expert (barely!)

Good luck!
 posted in Diner Dash on Jun 19, 10 8:41 AM
I can also attest that this works. Here's my tips...

- Wait until half your time is up and do not seat anyone... just entertain them at the podium (this allows the line to completely fill up and then some... no wasting time standing around)

- When half of the time is up give the business women first priority at all times, the girls second, and the old men last if at all (they will wait patiently... but the business women WON'T!)

- You will probably have to run and entertain at the podium at least once or twice during the commotion... just keep your eye on the business women...

- Don't worry about the tea... just use it if anyone has smoke coming off their head.
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