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 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on Sep 21, 14 3:17 PM
Would like to see a sequel to this game also. As AnnieO said, lots of unfinished business here. As soon as I finished the game I was like "Yeah, NOW WHAT?!?!?" Is Aunt Rosie just left hanging wherever she is? Is Devin aka "Vampire Dude" as another reviewer labeled him (cracked me up!) as much as a victim of the vampires/elders or as "innocent of evil" as he seems? Who are these mysterious "elders" and where were they all this time? Hiding in their coffins while Claire trips merrily through the castle with Vampire Dude?

For a sequel, I would like the scenarios AnnieO names, but with a few twists: Devin aka Vampire Dude perhaps offering to help Clare expose and destroy the source of the evil, but just as she is about to do so, he turns on her and she has to escape from not only HIM, but the elders as well. Maybe he even tries to turn HER into a vampire? Or maybe we could explore "alternate outcomes" meaning, if a player chooses to do "x" (such as join the vampires) instead of "y" (burn down the castle with the bloodsuckers inside or destroy them in whatever way) it completely changes the direction of the game.

Just my twisted thoughts.
 posted in Vampireville on Sep 7, 14 1:29 PM
I thought it looked familiar.
 posted in Vampireville on Sep 7, 14 1:03 PM
Love this game! The butler cracks me up with his "almost" expressions. Talk about an immobile face, BUT he ALMOST smiled at the end. Won't tell why here; you'll have to play the game and figure it out on your own.

One thing I found VERY amusing was the character of Mr. Rockwell, especially his "test results." The x-ray was a riot. Once again won't reveal why, but when you see it, you'll get it.

I had just one problem with this game. It may be nit-picky, but the dog's "accent" is all over the map.

Some of the puzzles drove me mad (kind of like one of the characters; once again, no reveal), especially the basement picture puzzle. Took me a while, but eventually it all came together, no pun intended.

Love the comical, not-too-serious vibe of this game. Most vampire-related games are dark, dreary, and depressing. This one wasn't, which was refreshing.

Especially liked the end "wrap-up." Yup, no reveal AGAIN, but the end was very interesting and amusing. Cabbages, anyone? Or golf??

 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on May 7, 14 6:31 AM
Anyone have a theory regarding who the witch is? My guess: the Widow Wheaton.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on May 7, 14 6:29 AM
Have to agree that this game is better than most television these days. Honestly, I don't think it's worth paying $99+/month for cable when there is really not much I would WANT to watch. I have seen bits and pieces of different programs while visiting friends and to be blunt, some of the shows are WAY over-rated and have been done over and over and over.

While this game is dark and a bit spooky (and possibly not really an accurate depiction of the Salem Witch Scare, it's challenging enough to hold my interest. Some HO games, you play them more than a few times and there goes the challenge. Yes, some of the HOS are dark/objects are a bit hard to locate, but that's WHY I like this game.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on May 7, 14 6:15 AM
I had this problem too. I had to force the game to shut down, then went through and cleared out my temporary internet files/cookies and after that, the game ran fine.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on May 7, 14 6:12 AM
I noticed the same thing with another game that I purchased commercially, i.e., not from Big Fish. Sometimes the games that are available commercially are slightly different from the versions on Big Fish. Hope this helps!
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 7, 14 12:18 PM
Looks like the spice/food pairings I've been writing down since I started cooking! I would add just one thing (for real life cooking, not for the game): mint goes well with cucumber-based cold soups and most cold berry-based soups. My grandmother used to make the most amazing green pea-cucumber soup with mint. Tasted great on a hot summer day!
 posted in Antique Shop: Book of Souls on Mar 30, 14 7:03 AM
Nice try, BFG, but I have to agree with several other reviewers: I don't like this one. Has/had potential, but after searching for a key smaller than a grain of rice in the very first HO scene, I gave up before I went blind. Graphics are decent, but not up to snuff even after adjustments. Interesting storyline, but not interesting enough to overcome the difficulties.

 posted in Elizabeth Find M.D.: Diagnosis Mystery, Season 2 on Mar 27, 14 10:37 AM
While this game is not perfect, it is a lot better than the first Dr. Find. I didn't find the medical mistakes as glaringly obvious as the first game. The cases were more interesting and held my attention better. The HO scenes were more of a challenge and the minigames didn't have me saying "Wrong! Not how you do that!" as often.

Would liked to have seen the orderly, Emil, from the first Dr. Find and learn if he had convinced then AMA to let him practice. Would have liked to see SOMEONE tell Dr. Stephen he's an arrogant jerk (strongest word I will use, as this is a familty friendly forum).

Hoping there will be a third game in this series. Could be interesting to see what the developers come up with next. One of the doctors facing a medical crisis of their own, perhaps?
 posted in Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery on Mar 27, 14 10:22 AM
This game is okay, if you have NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER!
The cases are somewhat interesting, but some of the HO scenes and minigames are downright pathetic. I felt like I was watching a soap opera (General Hospital comes to mind) while playing this game. Having a minion search a doctor's odffice AND house? Can you unethical???

If you're looking for a "cake" game, namely a "piece of cake" to play, this game is for you. If you're looking for a challenge or a REALISTIC medical/forensic game, look elsewhere.

I admit I did buy this game and enjoyed it, but after actually going out and taking medical classes (I am currently an EMT-I and training as a medical coding and billing specialist), I find the medical parts laughable.
 posted in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood on Mar 11, 14 7:31 AM
To be honest, I found this game a little boring and not much of a challenge. Decent graphics, but some of the hidden object scenes reminded me of the local dump: things scattered all over the place and a big mess in general. The voiceovers made me want to hit the MUTE button just to shut them up! They were distracting and annoying. Liked the western/ghost town theme, but have seen several OTHER HOGs do a much better job with it. Check out Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie and you'll see what I mean.

Would recommend this game for HOG beginners, but not for an experienced player. Overall, I'd rate this game 2 1/2 stars out of 5.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Aug 10, 13 4:41 PM
I tried this game on a whim after reading some of the reviews and enjoyed it so much, I went out and bought it commercially. I'm a sucker for hidden object games and this is one of the best I've seen. The storyline is engaging and the graphic are just incredible. I did a report on Nathaniel Hawthorne in high school, so I was curious just how historically aaccurate the game would be. Not 100%, but pretty close. I especially liked that the game touched upon Hawthorne's friendship with Franklin Pierce. Kudos to the developer!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Aug 10, 13 4:24 PM
I had no trouble finding the rabbit in Philip English's china cabinet, but where is the other one?? Been through the game several times, and STILL can't find it!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jul 21, 11 8:14 AM
Is there a walkthrough for this game?
 posted in Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island on Jun 3, 11 8:52 AM
I had the same problem with this level. The only recommendation I can make is "experiment" with the joker. It may take a few tries (but the "undo" button helps here), but if you try removing different cards with the joker, EVENTUALLY you can uncover that last key. It took me a while ( and a lot of frustration) but if first you don't succeed, try try again!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on Jun 3, 11 8:21 AM
As a HOG fanatic & history buff, I was intrigued when I heard about this game. I tried the demo and I was hooked! I ended up buying the game commercially so I would have the CD in case I had to reinstall. The graphics are pretty cool, even if they're not COMPLETELY historically accurate. The only thing that puzzled me is the fact that MY game seems to be different than what other Fishies are playing. I have yet to see a hidden object screen and a few of my inventory items are different. So far, no has been able to tell me why, but I plan to keep playing and try to reach the end. I love a challenge and this game certainly gives me that!!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on May 26, 11 7:45 AM
genkicoll wrote:It's a "to-be-continued", if I remember right. Auntie wasn't there, so they ran off together... or something

If you go back to where Claire is talking to the old Gypsy lady, Miss Pennywell tells her that Aunt Rosie had to LEAVE Savannah because her (Aunt Rosie's) visions weren't clear because of her age. And since Claire is young, HER visions should be crystal clear. I have to agree with you though, the ending WAS pretty lame. Maybe the sequel, if there is one in the works, can have Claire and Vampire Boy (don't remember his name) searching for Aunt Rosie. All in all, I liked the game.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on May 26, 11 7:21 AM
I bought Hidden Mysteries: Titanic bundled with HM: White House from eBay. I got stuck on a couple levels, so I decided to check out the blog walk-through for help. The walkthrough is great, but I couldn't help but notice a few differences in MY game and the game the walkthrough describes. For example: Margaret's Stateroom, where she opens her luggage, finds the tweezers, and then opens the hidden compartment. In the walkthrough, it says pick up LIPSTICK. In the game I'm playing, the object inside is a PAIR OF SCISSORS. Also, I have noticed that there are NO hidden object scenes in my game. Has anyone else seen this or am I the only one? Is it possible that more than one version of the game has been released? Right now, I'm stuck on Chapter 6, April 10, 1912 6:00 p.m. 1st Class Dining Room. There is supposed to be a GLASS OF WATER on the table, but all I'm seeing is a PITCHER. When I try to pick it up and put in it the inventory, nothing happens. HELP!!
 posted in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah on Jun 20, 10 2:02 PM
LOVE Saqqarah!! I have no trouble with Isis, but Thot has me stumped. I can get as far as Level 3, but 4 is giving me fits!! Not like I'm dumb (I have a degree in Medical Assisting AND work as an EMT), but I just cannot figure out that puzzle! Any tips on how to solve that one?? Speaking of Egypt games, has anyone checked out Treasure Masters? It's a hidden object game, but some levels take you to find things in Egypt.
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