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 posted in All My Gods on Mar 4, 12 2:59 AM
This is really frustrating, and if it's part of the game design then bah.

I currently have NO buildings producing anything. No fish, no cabbage, no milk, no wood (let alone the secondary items like cheese and boards).

Upgrading a building makes it produce until the end of the game day, then it stops again. Using hand of god to get resources is slow. Demolishing and rebuilding doesn't work.

I could understand (for example) the cheese factory not producing cheese if there was no milk, but I don't understand why the dairy farm isn't producing when there's plenty of food.

I really want to hear this is a bug of some kind and a fix is coming because it's a great game until this starts to happen.
 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Sep 24, 10 6:27 AM
Do you maybe have to demolish another building in order to fit it in?
 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Sep 24, 10 6:25 AM
Same problem here with the two kids being stuck on the screen - also the ending movie flickers to the map and back to the movie. Viewable, but annoying.
 posted in Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets on Jun 29, 10 7:14 AM
Yes, it's a glitch. It's supposed to let you out once you have all the papers. We (my mama and I) have found if you let the timer run out and repeat the scene, it will let you through once you find all the objects.
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