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 posted in Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Castle on Jan 30, 15 9:38 AM
Could someone please help me? I have the Copper Cylinder but not the Spring and Other Parts (guidebook chap 3, p.3) There is nothing in the Guide about where these parts are. My inventory: Sarah's Bracelet, Megatherium badge, 1/3 Old Photograph, Canvas. Where did I miss the spring and other parts?

Thanks for your help! Nicole
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on Jan 10, 14 2:46 PM
Not able to close game! If I try to go to menu to close game, I get this message "You will lose your current progress in the current screen". I have never played a game that would not let you save your progress! I don't get it? Why does this game not automatically save your progress???,

I would not recommend this game to anyone. This is a very boring game...too easy, mostly HOS's, can't change difficulty level, has sparkles, and worst of all -- can't close game!
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on Jan 7, 14 9:24 PM
Boring. Boring. Boring.
 posted in Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance on Aug 23, 13 3:47 PM
I was given the choice to get a new game (free)
 posted in Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance on Aug 23, 13 3:41 PM
The game froze twice. Both times I had already finished what needed to be done but returned to the scene to make sure. Tried to leave scene but I was "stuck" -- couldn't get out. The 1st time, I was not far into the game so I just restarted the game; the 2nd time I got stuck was 1/2 way through the game in a different scene. Contacted Big Fish customer service/tech and this is part of the reply:

Reason of game freeze: "Sometimes a game is developed in a way that requires events to happen in a specific order. If that order is interrupted it can cause issues such as the one you're seeing here."

If that is the case, customers should know before purchasing the game.

I didn't realize I was supposed to put an item from my inventory in a certain place, so I moved on. Now the game is not letting me return to that scene and I don't have what I need for this scene to move on! I am stuck in a scene and can't get out of it. Looks like I'll have to replay the game. This was a stupid thing for the writers of the game to do -- not let the game player turn around and go back to a scene! Why?

This is at least the 2nd game in which this has happened.
One of the items to find in a HOG was a sand dollar...I couldn't find it because it was actually a dollar sign ( $ )!

This game was NOT worth $13.99. Should have been $6.99.
 posted in Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder on Mar 2, 11 5:43 PM
Too short (easy) and too much HOG play! Boring! I wasted $6.99!
Glad I saw this before I bought it!
 posted in The Tudors on Jun 21, 10 1:16 PM
This game would be much more fun if it weren't so dark & grainy!!!!! Even using a "hint" to locate an object doesn't help!! (and I hate having to use a hint)
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