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 posted in Grim Facade: The Message Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 18 6:01 AM
Is anyone else having trouble finding the "souls"? By shear accident I should be able to find them yet this is taking FOREVER.

I am specifically stuck in the lobby of the newspaper. I have found 4 spirits but I swear that there are not any more.

This is killing the game for me!!

Any tips?
 posted in Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry Collector's Edition on Dec 25, 17 7:25 AM
I seem to find the first 3 memories easy - then it takes FOREVER to find the last two with that stupid disk....right now I am stuck on the bridge - any suggestions???
I cannot figure out how to make the cards show the correct pictures!! I even caved and looked at the strategy guide for the answer. When I follow those directions it does not work!

Please - someone who has finished the game - tell me how to get past this part!!! I do not want to skip!
I love playing these games (even after Epix has taken over and basically ruined them) However there is a disturbing trend that I am seeing now in hidden object games.....non descriptions for the achievements. Meaning- you have no idea what the achievement is so you can't try to work towards it in the game!

If someone has figured out what all the achievements are in the MCF can you list them here? I would be so appreciative. Thanks everyone!!
OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never have found it!!!!
I am currently stuck in the HO scene with the wind up mouse. I am trying to put together the mouse trap and have only the nails to find. I found 2 of the 3 but I cannot find the last one!

Anyone want to help me out and tell me where it is? Skipping is not an option as I disabled it.

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 22, 16 2:08 PM
I completely agree with you ysbrand. I love MCF - but the last few (all the ones that BFG did not make) are just not of the same caliber as the originals

Please BFG - go back to making the MCF Series!!!!!!!
 posted in PuppetShow: Her Cruel Collection Collector's Edition on Oct 29, 16 2:26 PM
I am stuck in the same place - but I am not willing to uninstall......did anyone figure this out? I have clicked on everything in the scene
 posted in PuppetShow: Her Cruel Collection Collector's Edition on Oct 8, 16 3:05 PM
Every time I try to pick of the saddle to put it on the horse the game kicks out and goes back to my Windows desk top. It is still running in the background so I click on the icon to go back into the game but I still cannot pick up the saddle....

What am I doing wrong?
 posted in PuppetShow: Her Cruel Collection Collector's Edition on Oct 8, 16 3:01 PM

I am on the very first HO scene and when I go to choose the saddle from the bar to place on the horse the game exits to my Window's home screen. I am running windows 10.

How do I correct this?????
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Iron Mask Collector's Edition on Jul 9, 16 4:24 PM
I am at the Smithy HO scene....I just clicked on the sparkles and all it is asking me to find is the Chisel...which is no where to be found. When I click on the "Ingredients" list that drops down all it says is Hammer, Tongs and then TEXT 1, TEXT 2 ect.

This has to be a glitch......ERS games used to be top notch - what happened? Please tell me there is a patch for this - I do NOT want to start the game over.....
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Iron Mask Collector's Edition on Jul 9, 16 4:17 PM
I have Windows 10 and have not had the issue that you speak of. Contact Big Fish customer service. This has happened to me on other games and I have received a refund.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Heir Collector's Edition on Feb 28, 16 4:26 PM
I just realized something else.....the picture in the SG does not match the starting point for the puzzle in the game. Could this have something to do with me not being able to figure this out.

Ready to bang my head on the desk.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Heir Collector's Edition on Feb 28, 16 12:04 PM
I am sorry - I am stuck here too and I do not understand what I need to do. I moved all the dials clockwise according to the SG but that does not get me to the solution. What am I doing wrong?
As you make pairs of the colored marbles by turning the game they will disappear until you only have 3 left
Here is what you have to do.....look at the TOP of the pile for a rock that looks sort of cracked....hit that rock. The top layer will disappear.

Then look for the same type of rock in the middle and lastly at the bottom.

Took me a little while to figure it out too.

Good luck!
You have to close the windows on the laptop that are open. The raccoon is an icon
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 15 9:53 AM
Hello Everyone -

I have found a mistype in the GUIDE for this game.....not sure if anyone else found it or if this is the right place to post but here goes

On Page 38/58 of the guide titled Rear Grounds. The game in the floor is listed as having the following solution: U-T-R-T-U-T-R-Sx3-U

This is 100% BACKWARDS - if you switch all the letters to their opposite you get the right answer - which is.....

 posted in Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition on Mar 8, 15 4:29 PM
Please help - I have no idea what is going on with the quality of Big Fish games but this is getting out of hand.

I am at the end of the game with the post office boxes...I have put them in the correct order and NOTHING happens!! What am I doing wrong - and PLEASE do not tell me that I have to uninstall the game and reinstall it again
 posted in Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition on Feb 3, 15 7:31 PM
Please help. I have put all the mailbox plates in the correct order and nothing happens! I am now stuck because there is nothing else to do.

What am I doing wrong??

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