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 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Mar 28, 18 4:09 AM
Can't quit the game, esc worked yesterday but not today. I'm on windows 10.

Edited to add now working again, was being temperamental though...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 26, 16 3:22 AM
I've got really bad lag on the game since the update, which is driving me mad. It's fine of the sunken secrets dive, but the big island is so slow.
Any help please?
 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Nov 13, 11 6:06 AM
Thank you so much, I was getting frustrated with not being able to fathom it out.
 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Nov 13, 11 2:54 AM
Please help. I can't seem to make enough wood to get through the level. I've tried upgrading everything but always end up just short of what I need.
Can anyone help please?
 posted in Garden Dash on Mar 15, 11 1:46 AM
Not a buy for me. The timer was too quick that I couldn't enjoy the game, otherwise I might have bought it
 posted in Farmscapes on Feb 16, 11 2:58 AM
I adore this game and will be buying it when my next credit arrives, but the only downside is that it takes so long to load between levels
 posted in My Tribe on Aug 11, 10 1:15 AM
I've just started this game and I'm stuck already, I've tried putting a person on a flower to make it bloom and nothing happens, please help
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Jun 27, 10 12:18 AM
I bought BAL5 and it is a good game, but it's not as challenging as BAL4 and I've already completed it apart from the casual games. BAL4 took me a few weeks to get through but BAL5 took me about 4-5 days. All in all I was slightly disappointed as I hoped there would be more levels and more of a challenge.
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