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 posted in Cyto's Puzzle Adventure on Mar 26, 15 5:20 AM
I've been working with CS for several days now trying to get an issue with the INGAME MENU resolved, but it still isn't working.

Has anyone else run into this?
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Feb 20, 15 7:36 AM

Maybe they could do "Adelantado Second Trilogy" with three more games. These things are a hoot!
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 12:41 PM
suss1 wrote:
Kalavinka wrote:I doubt Solzhenitzen would even care about a video game-- considering that he was a political prisoner beaten to within an inch of his life and imprisoned for 8 years in a Soviet labor camp. Sorry-- but in my opinion the comparison lacks perspective. A game is just a game-- IT IS NOT A REAL CAUSE. I do, however, think that the morphing objects were rather fun and am sad that they are left out of the 6.99 version of the game. Perhaps if there was a collective effort to petition BF-- they could decide to issue a download that includes the objects? This might be more constructive than simple anger and innuendos. Indeed, such energy and strenght of sentiment could be directed towards authentic change in the world.... Would not that be better?

Also, I do not think that this is about betrayal at all-- which seems melodramatic. Rather, it is simply about making money.

I coulden´t say it better.
Dramaqueens are always fun to read

Y'all don't get it. It isn't about a game, it's about the attempt to cover up a questionable business practice.

And I am NOT a freakin' "drama queen". I don't make threats I don't mean to keep and I don't make "gestures".

I am genuinely distressed by the direction that the Big Fish company seems to be going, which is toward elitism and stomping on the little guy. How far from politics is that?
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 12:34 PM
bfgCelebes wrote:Hi eleanor,

As for moving it, as I said before, I'm only moving it depending on the direction it goes. If the discussion becomes more about the game than anything else, as we do with all other game threads, we'll move it to the official forum for that game. We do this as a standard procedure.

~~~bfgCelebes~ ~~~

That's my whole point - it's not about the game per se. It's about the whole "CE" vs "regular" concept and the fact that we were very misled when it came to just what the difference between the two was. And if all those CE purchasers would be honest, what they were really willing to pay for was the chance to play it before "everyone else".

If bigfish is going to lie to us and start exercising "sharp practice" then they're not the company they were when I came here two years ago. How can we ever trust the to be straight with us after this?
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 12:08 PM
As you see in celebes post, even though I never mentioned the name of the game, this thread is about to be locked up and moved so you can't read it.

Criminey I feel like Soltzenitzen!

And insane, The Big Fish is as high as anyone can go around here.

I give up.

 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 11:59 AM
FairyonPegasus wrote:Have you talked to them Eleanor? I mean actually talked to them about what is bothering you? I answered in your other thread.

Oh, yes the thread that they immediately locked and moved out of chit-chat.

And yes, I contacted CS and so far just got their auto-reply. Have not had any contact from the Mod who is defending the discussion in the thread beginning with "?? for those who" in that game's forum.

And The Big Fish himself basically told us "hard cheese" over on the forum for that game.

silly, I said "in essence" - that's how I interpret their moving and locking my thread immediately out of chit-chat to keep the general populace from reading it. Most people only go the a game's forum once they have the game, and I'm sure they'd rather not have the people who haven't bought it yet know about the issue.

That's also why I have scrupulously left the name of That Game out of this thread.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 11:48 AM
You have to read this quickly before they decide to lock it and move it away.

Our is treating us like **** and they don't care.

I am so disappointed. I've really enjoyed my time here and I love my games.

However, because of the attitude of IN RE a certain game (which I won't name because they'll immediately move this thread away from here, which they'll probably do anyway because they are being just terrible about this whole issue) I will in all likelihood be leaving this site, this forum, and possibly gaming sites of any kind.

I feel that I have been lied to and am now in essence being told to shut up, just to keep the masses from realizing what a rotten thing they are doing.

If you like being treated like an inexhaustible resource that game developers have a right to exploit, then ignore this.

I will miss all my friends and I will miss the excitement of checking out what the new game is. Most of all I will miss the old as it used to be, before the studio got so uppity.

(had to edit mistakes because I'm so upset my hands are shaking.)
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 10:50 AM
I have been a member of for two years now and have been a loyal supporter.

However, right now I am one very disappointed .

We who are having to watch our pennies have now been demoted to second class citizens.

Watering down MCF Dire Grove for the "proletariat" is a huge, huge mistake.

Unless this situation is rectified (the full game made available immediately, with a promise never to pull this kind of stunt again) I will no longer belong to and will avoid all future studio productions like the bloody plague.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 10:41 AM
Well isn't that just ducky?

Here all this time they were going on about it being "the same game", with the add-ons and earlier availability being the only difference.

What else can we look forward to missing?

Talk about being treated like a second class citizen!

(Do you get the idea I'm a bit pipped??? And extremely disappointed in the behavior of my beloved ? )

Last week mudrock didn't have the games updated until after 11:00am BFT, so it may be a few more hours.

Anything before the 15th could be considered "early" December, but I'm hoping it will be this week. *crosses fins*
Waiting along with the rest of you. I would get the CE version if they would let me combine accumulated credits toward the price (sitting on two right now) but I don't think they'll let me do that. I have a new credit scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and three would cover it completely.

Should I check and see if they'll let me combine my credits or just wait for the cheapo version...?
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on May 31, 09 1:28 PM
All good advice lordZombiekalvan...

I would also add that it's important to focus on getting those sunflowers first to finance the rest of your zombie production.


Concentrate on getting the brains, not necessarily eliminating all of the plants.

Take your time and plan your strategy. Remember, those plants aren't going anywhere.

Sometimes it's easier to bypass a plant rather than fight through it...pole jumpers are handy that way...

It all depends on what plants it throws at you.

I'm still working on getting through level2 of the Endless I, zombie.

 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on May 31, 09 8:09 AM
I'm finding that I'm disturbingly good at playing as the zombies in the "I, Zombie" puzzles (or are they mini-games, I forget).

Anyway, it makes me wonder about myself...

Brains...need brains....
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on May 30, 09 6:24 AM
Please note, however, that in the Almanac they clarify that Dancer Zombie's resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on May 30, 09 6:13 AM
Carolg01 wrote:Not too happy with Crazy Dave's picks

S'pose that's why he's called Crazy Dave?

I just loooove this game!
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on May 30, 09 6:00 AM
So, not so easy further on, is it? The second time through the levels are theoretically the same, but there are more waves of zombies, and Crazy Dave preselects three of your plants (which you can't change), limiting your choice of weapons.

I suspect that on the third and fourth go-rounds Crazy Dave will be picking still more of your plants, which will make it really tricky.

I'm on my second time through (love the music video!) and it's definitely a lot harder this time. I still haven't gotten all the puzzles and mini-games and have barely tapped the Survival modes. I only have 5 plants in my Zen garden...

This is one of the best "bang for the buck" games I've gotten in quite a while.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 9, 09 5:59 AM
I'm bored and disappointed...and I haven't even played it yet!

I agree with lilyr - this is too much like real life - who the heck wants to simulate real life???

I was anxiously awaiting the fourth VV game, as I've bought and thoroughly enjoyed all three. I could hardly wait to see what was awaiting us on the east side of Isola.

And then they shovel out this fish poop???

Sorry, LDW, you've blown it big time.
 posted in Azkend on Apr 8, 09 6:11 AM
bribling, Lost in Reefs has both square and hexagonal blocks, letting you choose which kind you want to play. It also has a no-timer option, which is why I bought it.

And since this one doesn't have that option, I won't be buying it.

You would think they would have learned by now, but nooooooo....
 posted in Totem Tribe on Apr 6, 09 4:28 PM
Okay, I admit I haven't read through all 22 pages of threads, so if I'm repeating someone else, sorry.

I've finished the game several times using different strategies to get different endings.

Weird part: the first time I finished, my final "scoreboard" said I had 440/440 gems. But the third time, when I also went to all the islands, got all the gems, went to guardian moon, etc. just like the first time, it said I only had 419/440 (even though I had gone to the guardian moon, which you aren't supposed to do unless you have 100% of the gems.)

Anybody know what's up with this?

 posted in Puzzle Hero on Apr 5, 09 9:12 AM
Poodlebear wrote:... if I didn't want to be defeated in the Quest I needed to play in the arena and add levels and get enough money together to buy the best gear. ..

Hmmm...well, either I'm really good at this game or just lucky. I went straight through the quest from the beginning and didn't get killed once. I didn't even realize the arena was there until after I whacked Zalock.

Loved it, as having to plan moves and counter-moves reminded me a lot of chess. I'm now exploring other games of this type.
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