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 posted in Intrigue Inc: Raven's Flight on Jul 9, 11 8:48 AM
@NULL: I don't believe it's a bug in the game, unless you have an earlier version. For me the maze was a bit tough, but all 5 gears were there. It's a little tricky, but make sure you get all the stair keys. You use them on the different staircases and that grants you access to different parts of the maze. I had trouble finding the 5th gear at first, but then found it in the bushes in the very scene by the exit where you actually use the gears.

I hope this helps and good luck.
 posted in Intrigue Inc: Raven's Flight on Jul 9, 11 8:43 AM
As promised, I finished the game and am now reporting back. Absolutely no problems with the fixed version. Everything worked flawlessly and I completed the game without a hitch. I garnered 4th place on the Top Agents list. Good game. Highly recommended.
 posted in Intrigue Inc: Raven's Flight on Jul 8, 11 6:20 AM
I am happy to report that at this point, the fixed version of the game is working fine for me. Originally, there was no text on the screen, but now that has been fixed. Also, the screen is still off-center to the right at my default resolution of 1024x768. However, if you set it to 1280x768 before you start the game, then the screen centers perfectly. I will report back after I finish the game to let everyone know if I encountered any problems.
Eureka! I am happy to report that I completed this game, plus the 2 bonus adventures without a hitch. Everything worked perfectly. No problems with the police station, the magnet, and I never had a problem saving games. Plus, I was able to get all 24 crystals without a problem in the second bonus game.

Two thumbs up for this game. Highly recommended.
Hi, Valdy.

I don't know why the Mods didn't post anything, but maybe the reason is that I read here that many people can't save their games. I never had that problem. So, maybe the version I am using still didn't fix the Save Game problem, but since I never had that problem it doesn't affect me. The Mods might wait until all problems everyone has posted have been fixed before they say anything.

Plus, I just finished the first Bonus Round and it worked perfectly. But I read a few people said they had a problem with the Second Bonus Round and maybe I will, too. So if there is indeed a glitch with that, then that's why they didn't announce it.

Once they do announce the final version, I do recommend that you get the CE. This is a good game and the first bonus content was long, as I imagine the second one is, too. So you really get your money's worth.

Okay, Happy 4th of July to everyone and stay safe.
Okay, I finsihed the basic game and everything worked perfectly with the latest version. There are 2 bonus chapters. I will post again after I finish those to let everyone know if it went off without a hitch.

A happy and safe 4th of July to everyone.
@ Valdy: Hey, D_F; that would be me, huh? haha.

Well, there have been a few versions of the game. With the very first version, that is where I had the police station problem. Then they updated it and I didn't have the problem with the update. But as I said, I had the magnet problem. Then a few days ago they updated it again and now the magnet problem is fixed. So I figured since I had those problems and now I don't, that the latest version would fix it for everybody. I hope I am right.
Okay, GOOD NEWS for a change. I just got the latest version of this game and it now works perfectly for me. The Police Station glitch was a few weeks ago and they fixed that within a week. Then the next version had the glitch where you couldn't get the Golden Helmet to trigger the HOS to get the magnet so you could get the screwdriver beneath the floorboards in the museum.

Anyway, the latest version now seems to be fine, at least up to finding the magnet. Hopefully, there are no other problems and when I finish the game, I'll post here again to let everyone know if everything is okay.

Note that I had to delete my profile and start the game over again, but I didn't mind because I was able to get to where I was pretty fast since I knew what to do to get back to that point. But just be aware, if you get the new version, you have to start the game over.

So the bottom line is get the latest version of the game and you shouldn't have the police station problem or not being able to get the magnet problem.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

Also, the game is very, very good. I recommend it. Plus, I'm in a great mood because the Yankees beat the Mets again.

 posted in Intrigue Inc: Raven's Flight on Jul 2, 11 8:55 PM
I'm having a problem that I didn't see anyone else mention. The game installed and started fine for me. The two problems I have are, first, the screen is off-center and all the way to the right, leaving a black bar on the left. I am not able to turn off Fullscreen mode from Options to correct it. But the other problem I am having is that the game is MISSING TEXT. At the very beginning, when I went to set the Options, I see the sliders and check boxes,but they are not labelled. There is only the OK button. Then when the game began, when the long text box opens at the top of the screen, it is always empty. There is no text at all. When I get the Confirmation requestors, it just has a YES and NO button, but no text in the box.

So the game is unplayable. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

That's 3 out of the last 4 BFG games that I have had problems with. First was Temple of Night and then Crystal Skulls. Nightmare Realm was very good, but now I am having a problem with Raven's Flight. Not a good track record lately.
@Vaidy: Hey, we should be honored that ArnoStyx replied to this thread.

Seriously though, the bug in the police station has been fixed. The issue is now that the game doesn't give the golden helmet to trigger the HOS to get the magnet. You can't proceed in the game unless you get the magnet to retrieve the screwdriver beneath the floorboards.
 posted in Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls on Jun 29, 11 9:45 PM
The Moderators here are top-notch. They do an excellent job. It's not their fault about the games, but they are caught in the middle having to act as liaisons between the game developers and the players.

With that being said, the game developers take too long to rectify the bugs in their games. The last game I tried before this one was Secrets of the Dark Temple of Night. First I had the bug in the police station where the game went black. They fixed that, so I tried it again and now there is the bug where you can't get the magnet and proceed in the game.

So I wait a week or so and then try this game: Crystal Skulls. And lo and behold, there is a problem with this game, too. haha.

I realize they are just games and they are dirt cheap, but still, it's frustrating. When so many people have a problem with a game, a patch should be released within 24 hours. So that's 2 problems with the last 2 games. I hope the next one is good because 3 strikes and you're out.
 posted in Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls on Jun 29, 11 9:34 PM
@annaroma: Hi. You might have a Rootkit virus. I was hit with that a few weeks ago and had the same symptoms. Do you have an ant--virus program? If not, you can download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. It has a Rootkit virus detector.

Good luck.
 posted in Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls on Jun 28, 11 8:19 AM
Just to jump in, I have the same problem here. The game is glacial. The cursor is virtually unmovable on the main menu screen, so I didn't even play the game. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
undrgrndgirl wrote:seems to me big fish should have some notice on the purchase page noting "known problems" or "update coming" or something...really bad form bf, i am quite disappointed, won't be buying this game until i know it's fixed...

@undrgrndgirl: That's a very good point. It's not the moderator's fault and he is doing his best to help. When BFG first started selling the game, they didn't know it was buggy; but now they know.The two issues are first, they should have released a Patch to fix the problems within 24 hours, and they didn't. That's bad enough, but to continue to sell a buggy game is unconscionable. They should pull the game from the market unless and until they fix the bugs. These aren't just mildly annoying bugs; they are bugs that prevent you from even finishing chapter 2. To continue to sell a known defective game creates the appearance that they don't care about their customers.

I understand the games are dirt cheap; however they are also very short. With all the other standard, higher priced, big name games on the market, this would never happen. Yes, many times version 1.0 of any game is buggy, but it's rectified immediately, especially if it's a serious bug. They release a patch within 24 hours, you download it and apply it, and everybody's happy. Then if more minor bugs are reported, they keep releasing patches until they are all fixed. Granted, those types of games can be played for weeks or months at a time. But here, precisely because the games are so short is all the more reason they should release patches right away.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you made an excellent point.
I am glad you both enjoyed it, but have you seen some of the threads where people can't complete the game? I am one of them. We're stuck at the end of chapter 2 because we can't find the golden helmet needed to trigger the HOG in the hotel to get the magnet. The Strategy Guide doesn't mantion where to get the Golden Helmet from. Do you recall where you got the Golden Helmet from? The threada are called Stuck and Magnet.

I have the same problem. I can't finish chapter 2 either. I came here hoping to find a solution, but apparently there is none. It appears to be a bug in the game. Disgraceful that they release games this way and then don't provide IMMEDIATE updates.

The Strategy Guide says you need the Golden Helmet in the museum and then you're supposed to return to the hotel and play a HOG to get the magnet. The problem is I don't have the Golden Helmet and there is no HOG in the hotel. The Guide doesn't mention where to get the Golden Helmet from, so I am stuck.

The game is like a Beta version. Very sloppily done. Throughout the game so far, when you click on a window, they make constant errors referring to light and dark. It's always light by default. When you enter some rooms and click on the window, it says you need a shade or a handle. But it says something like, "I need a handle if I want to bring some sunlight into this room." WRONG! There is already sunlight. It should say to bring some darkness into the room. Very sloppy programming and there should be repercussions for the company releasing a game in this shabby state.

I tried the game a week ago and got stuck in the police station with the black screen. Then I got the updated version and now have this problem.

Totally unacceptable.

My advice is to stay away from this game.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on May 10, 11 9:00 PM
puzzledone wrote:It is really beyond my comprehension how anybody could look at the quality graphics in the promo and walkthrough and not wonder how a game like this could ever sell for less than $20. Isn't creativity and talent, or even original ideas worth anything anymore?

You don't pay for the graphics in a game; that is just window dressing. You pay for the play value of the game. The game has to be fun. It's not worth $20 because the game is way too short. You can play it in one sitting. The BFG games are simply mild diversions. They are not and are not meant to be like the regular games on the market, so they should cost much less.

For instance, Age of Empires, Heroes of Might and Magic, Syberia, and Fallout New Vegas can be had for $29.99 to $34.99 and I played each of them for months and thoroughly enjoyed them. I finished the Book of Air in a few hours and the Bonus Chapter was very unoriginal and not very good. The game also has no replay value for me. You play it once and that's it. That's why the game is not worth $20, in my opinion.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on May 10, 11 7:25 AM
The game was pretty good, but as others said, it was way too short. You can play it in one sitting.

I will just mention a few things I saw that people had trouble with. This is mostly for new people who are playing the game.

1) With the airship, you have to make sure the fuel is full, not almost full. You will hear a bell when it is full. Also, you have to try to make matches of the same colored stones, so the gauge fills up faster. The same colored stones have to be touching each other so you can eliminate them with one click. That is, if you click on 8 black stones adjacent to one another, you get a big fuel boost. If you use up all the stones and the gauge is not full, then just go outside and pick up another bunch of colored stones and try again. You have to start all over, though and you don't pick up where you left off with the fuel gauge. It is back to empty. When you set the coordinates, I had the same problem the first time. It is unclear which dial is for the direction N-S-E-W and which is for the degrees 0-90-180-, etc. So if it doesn;t work when you pull the lever, then just change the dials. For example, if one dial says 330 and the other says E, then change the E dial to 330 and the 330 dial to E. Then for the rest of the game, you'll know which dial is which.

2) For the Walkthough, there are scroll bars on the side of the pages. You have to scroll down to read the entire page.

Good luck.
 posted in Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin on Apr 23, 11 5:17 AM
(cont. from previous post.) Part 2 of Review:

Then later in the game, after you clicked on something that required that object, then you could pick it up. I found that very annoying that you could only pick up an object right before you needed it. Also confusing was that it used a Gears Icon instead of a Hand Icon when you could pick something up. Normally, the gears mean that you have to use something from inventory on an object. and that was the case in this game most of the time, too. But when you could pick something up, it also showed gears and then when you clicked on it, it turned into a Hand, and then you could pick it up. The game has a Journal, but it doesn't help you that much. It just tells you what happened AFTER you figure something out. And there appears to be an error in logic in the game where the clock says 10:10 but the combination is 10:25. Although none of these bad points seem that major, it's a point-and-click game and if you don't like the interface, that is a problem.

The Ugly: For me the biggest drawback to the game was the audio. First, there was absoultely no vocal speech. There was tons of text and it would have boosted the game's appeal immeasurably, if you heard Victor and Mary speak to each other, instead of "write" to each other. It would have added tremendous personality to the game. They missed the boat on this one with all the silent interludes. Next, the music was almost non-existent. You don't realize how much music adds to the atmosphere of the game until it's not there. There was some music, but most of the time there was silence. I felt like I was playing in a vacuum. Finally, the game was way too short and ended rather abruptly and unsatisfyingly.

The bottom line is I played the game and enjoyed it, but there were many things that annoyed me and with just a little more effort and length to the game, it could have been outstanding. They are on the right track and hopefully their next game will hit the nail on the head.
 posted in Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin on Apr 23, 11 4:56 AM
Here is my take on the game. First, who cares about the suicide issue; it's a game. Second, "Stained Skin" is a common term for a tattoo. Many tattoo parlors have that name.

I finished the game and I really wanted to like the game more than I did. They were so close to designing an excellent game, but they missed the boat on a few big things. However, all in all, playing the game was an enjoyable experience, despite some very annoying things. With a little more attention to detail, this could have been a top game, instead of a mediocre one.

The Good: Different from the run of the mill HOG-type game, with a different and intriguing storyline. Well-written and interesting plot. The use of 2 characters in the game was nice, although you usually played as Victor. The interaction of Victor and Mary was interesting. The HOG scenes were very good. Not too easy and not too difficult, and not too many of them. You could easily do random clicking without penalty. Goggles Mode was a nice touch where you had the option to place a piece of the background in the right spot and it would tell you where the hidden object was.

The puzzles were also good. They were different and interesting. Also, the Hint System was helpful because it told you where you needed to go next and didn't take that long to recharge. I also liked that it said Area Completed when you finished everything in a scene. All in all, a very good premise to what could have been, but wasn't, an outstanding game.

The Bad: The cursor was very annoying. It was too big and instead of turning into another icon for the different actions, it always stayed the same and the action icon appeared alongside it. Many times at the edges of the screen, you couldn't notice there was something to be done because while the pointer was still on the screen, the action icon was off screen and not visible. Then there was the infamous problem of the Inventory Bar always getting in the way when you moved the cursor to the bottom to move downward. Very frustrating. Sometimes I had to click 6-7 times just to move down.

The game had a novel approach to finding inventory items around the landscape, but it was poorly implemented. When you clicked on something that required an object, such as a key, then a silhouette of the key would appear in your inventory. The problem was that you would often see items in different scenes that you knew you were going to need, but you couldn't pick them up yet (cont. in next post.)
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