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 posted in Pictureka! - Museum Mayhem on Dec 11, 08 9:45 PM
i am soo disapointed i am going to write ea at this very moment and wait for no response as well lol
 posted in Gourmania on Dec 1, 08 12:51 AM
i might have enjoyed this more but i am having the problem of it seems to take awhile for it to load it between levels and item don't go wear they should as fast as i click so all in all is slow for me!!! don't think it's my computer as i can play big file games no worries so not sure what the problem is
 posted in Burger Shop on Nov 28, 08 1:44 PM
I am just glad they or bringing part 2 to this game out... loved the first one half way finished on expert got perfect on everything else!! so will be nice to start a new one....
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 26, 08 4:26 PM
i am trying figure out how u use the numbers???? add them or what??? or just try each one till it works???
never mind figured it out thanks anyway!!!!
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