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 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Feb 8, 15 10:39 AM
I keep collecting the music notes and placing them on the sheet. However one note keeps going missing and I cannot get past this point.
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 11 10:42 AM
Cannot get past the lock on the door in the mansion with the 3 fac es that are shown in the steamed mirror. Tried every combination and what it shows in strategy guide but nothing works.
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death on Oct 13, 11 3:02 AM
cannot get past the symbols on the mirror that you need to open the door. Whatever combination I put in it will not open it Heeeelllp
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Oct 12, 11 10:30 AM
I can't get past the images on the mirror to open the door.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 10 11:15 AM
I have got to the musical island but when I try and place the printed blue stone tablets they keep going back to nothing. Please HELP!
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