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 posted in Sky Taxi 2: Storm 2012 on Aug 17, 10 3:12 PM
hi guys this is a nice game I like games like Mario,Turtly Odyssy, and Little Space Duo which have action and advanture in them not those mystery games and find stuff well they are not that bad eather but i prefer these kind of games with fun and action

and guy please tell me if i should buy Sky Taxi 2: Storm 2012 "
 posted in World Mosaics 3 - Fairy Tales on Aug 11, 10 1:03 PM
this game is nice but it gets little boring after sometime but still it's fun
 posted in My Tribe on Aug 11, 10 8:23 AM
I tried so many times but at end i just gave up but i want to ask patnsky what happen's after u get that trophy? i mean is it worth it becuse i am done with everything only one trophy left and i don't know if i should try for it again i mean the game has got boring for me , it's not that i didn't enjoy this game or love it was lot of fun figuring out the mystery and so on but please let me know if i should go for it or not.

Love This Game
 posted in Little Space Duo on Aug 11, 10 8:01 AM
I liked this game it's nice advanture and makes you think and use u r brain but sometimes it get hard to figure out the way through all the task, and as for controls it's all about getting use to them and one's u do it easy the feathers of the game are ok not too fancy and not too bad either.
 posted in Penguin versus Yeti on Aug 11, 10 7:43 AM
I didn't like the game at first but now i do it's quite a thrill but don't know if it's worth buying or not so i want to ask SpookyPigdog was it worth buying the game? i mean it's feathers are very basic and yeah game is ok but don't know if i should bye it or not so SpookyPigdog please let me know and any other pleople who had bought this game thanks
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