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 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 5:40 AM
I'm going to miss you all. Without the Forums, BF is not going to be the same. For some reason, I am unable to join the alternative forum site that was posted by fishies.
Maybe it's time to let go. Without your input, it will be like flying blind. We'll see what happens.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 18 4:41 PM
One of the most enjoyable games I have played in a long time. Great color scheme with bright colors. Only spoiled buy the ghost like Joker staff collectables. They still use the old hidden object cheat of not having all of the hidden objects needed on the screen at the beginning. The wait time before adding them was relatively short though. I can easily recommend this game. To be honest, I can't tell if the game is short, or if I was having so much fun it just seemed short. The one complaint I had was the game is too linear. You can see objects you know you need (Including collectables) but you cannot access them until you have completed another, usually unrelated, task.
It may be only three chapters, but they are long chapters. It is an enjoyable way to spend time even if there is the obligatory broken zipper, shadow monsters, etc. Actually, in my case I would have purchased it anyway. I'd probably buy any game if Elf was on board. Miss my Chihuahua. It seems I am forever doomed to be a Clownfish with the closing of the forums, and I'll miss the friends I have made in these forums. The reviews have been a large part of my purchasing decisions although I have always (well almost always) tried the sample. At this time I'm not sure how this will affect my participation. I will miss the fishies hints when I am stumped, and will miss being able to help others. I will give hem the benefit of the doubt and see where it goes. In the meantime, I recommend this game.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood on Apr 18, 18 12:48 PM
I thought forums were being discontinued> Did I misunderstand the Post?
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood on Apr 16, 18 1:31 PM
Very disappointing. The directions for the mini games were disjointed at best and incomprehensible at worst. The hint system was sketchy and sometimes unclear.
The story line ran the gamut from A to B. Make a formula, make a part, find a potion, etc. Glad I didn't buy the CE version. Try it for yourself, Your opinion may be different, and the trial is free.
 posted in Dig The Ground on Apr 16, 18 6:38 AM
Found the game O.K., but boring Connect the dots blow uo squares. Not for me, but try it for yourself. You might like it
 posted in Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends on Apr 9, 18 8:41 AM
Not a bad game overall. I do wish Artifex Mundi would go back to writing their own games rather than just publishing others, but this game is sort of nice. Bright colors, decent gameplay with a clear direction. Jump map included was a bonus. I didn't particularly like the music. It seems every time you were doing things, an uptempo repeating theme was played over and over. I simply turned off the speakers during that time. Problem solved. Well worth taking a chance on, especially with a coupon or SE sale. Try it, if you like light games and fairy tales you might like it. Nothing to lose but a little time
 posted in Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child Collector's Edition on Apr 8, 18 6:04 PM
Well I'm off the fence now. Sorry I bought it. Game was disjointed with no clear concept. Poor graphics, and what seems to be the worlds shortest bonus chapter.
I bought it because of the association with AM, but they need to screen their partners. I will scrutinize an AM game or association before buying from now on.
 posted in The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition on Apr 7, 18 11:25 AM
Something is wrong here. The Anderson Accounts is listed CE, but the game splash says buy and receive one punch. In addition if you try to purchase the game, the price cones up as$6.99 U.S. When you click on purchase, you get a message that code is not valid. B.F. itself is using the code FEVER which is today's code for an SE. If I manually enter the code FEVER I get the same message. Evidently some one screwed up. I would be willing to buy it at 3.99 or even use a coupon, but not at 13.99 when advertised at 6.99
What is the Problem?
O.K. Game, One of the better in this series actually.Very short, and any similarity between Poe's Pit and the Pendulum is purely accidental. USe the free demo and decide for yourself. PErsonally, I will wait for the S.E. or a 65% off sale. A two for one sale might tempt me if I can find a second game
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Apr 2, 18 1:13 PM
Really enjoyed the game. Good story line and very very quick skip on puzzles. Nice coloring and graphics. Not sorry I purchased it. Fortunately I had a credit, so I only had to buy another credit to get the CE for the price of an SE.
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 18 6:18 PM
Just a story of how the helper mage gaind his powers. Very short and boring
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 18 6:15 PM
Happened to me a couple of times. I just went to another location and used the hint button. Seemed to work fof me
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 18 6:11 PM
Can't go back to any of the collectables
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 18 6:08 PM
There is no way to go back and collect any of the collectables. I didn't find any complete sets of Hearts, Bestiaries, or morphs. Gave up, but outside of a short game, below par bonus chapter, wasn't really a bad game.I sort of wish I had waited for the SE and used a coupon though.
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 18 4:30 PM
A little short for my taste, and slow in spots, but fun (Except for the arcade games)
Not sorry I bought it.
Still haven't figured out what is causing the spate of moderator deletions, but who cares. If they want to censor, they can. Who cares
 posted in Haunted Legends: Monstrous Alchemy Collector's Edition on Mar 30, 18 4:09 PM
I like the Nancy Drew stories, but the games I have tried have a system I can't seem to follow. I have three games that I am unable to play. I finally gave up on them
 posted in Haunted Legends: Monstrous Alchemy Collector's Edition on Mar 27, 18 5:01 PM
I'm probably just an old man who misses the old days when the games were more about gameplay and fun than mini-puzzles and fancy graphics. I'd love to find a developer that produced games like "Baldor's Gate", King's Quest, Neverwinter Nights, etc. Adventure role playing games. The new first person games give me motion sickness, so X-Box types are out of the question. Oh well, thanks for reading an old man's reminiscing/Daydreamings
There is a 65% off sale going on now. This brings the price (at least for club members) down to the price of an SE. Game is worth $6.99 so I decided to buy it warts and all. Should be interesting with my increasingly worsening memory and no jump map.
Oh well, I started gaming back in the stone age, pre maps and pre graphics, my mapping skills will come in handy if I can find a pencil. (Remember those? )
 posted in Secrets of the Lost Caves on Mar 19, 18 9:58 AM
My opinions.
Irritating music and sounds with no volume control. Either on ot off
For my old eyes, graphics are almost undistiguishable
Timer loses dollar amounts and goes down to zero, but does not end game. Not too bad]
All in all no buy for me
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