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Thank you pennmom36 for your review. I don't always take the time to read someone's full review, no matter how short or long. I have noticed you haven't been constantly giving 5* reviews to every game as I once felt you did. As a result, I check to see how you rate. I basically check each review with a quick glance to see if they liked/disliked the game. I thought this game sounded fun, so I was encouraged by your review and plan to purchase it. So, again thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts on the game.
 posted in Christmas Stories: A Little Prince Collector's Edition on Dec 10, 17 9:36 AM
Once again this is a good sale for non-members, but not for members. I've been eagerly waiting for Elephant Christmas Stories for this year to help get me in the Christmas spirit. Now I'll have to wait a little longer for a "members" sale to be offered. Money is tight this time of year and every $ makes a difference.

I have been eagerly waiting for this game to come out. I always enjoy Elephant's Christmas Stories and have saved up my money to grab up this years masterpiece. I am downloading it immediately.

I will return with my review after playing the demo, but I'm sure I'm going to love it. Elephant always has such great graphics, color, Christmas music, fun puzzles and HOG's in their Christmas games. I have them all and loved each one so far.

Thank you Elephant for your masterpieces you produce! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
 posted in PuppetShow: Poetic Justice Collector's Edition on Oct 5, 17 8:20 AM
While everyone has a right to their opinion, I can't understand why a reviewer would start their review saying "I've never been a fan of this series". If you've never liked the series, who would expect you to like this one? I don't give those reviews any credit . I have all the games of this series and am anxious to demo this game.
Actually, the Kiwi fruit was what came to my mind also. I'm not really familiar with the bird. I think a flying fruit would be hilarious. Maybe then it would get great reviews. Just imagine if a developer would make a game with silly images, how much fun it would be to play. Would love a game that constantly made me laugh.
Why are there always complaints about spooky games? We get bored if we get nothing but fairytale games. I understand that there are members who just don't like scary games, but please don't take the excitement away from us who do. I'm really looking forward to playing this game and have enjoyed all the rest of the series. It was mysterious, spooky games that got me into HOGs. I loved them 8 yrs. ago and love them now.

I wish the developers would come out with murder mysteries that don't involve super detectives with supernatural abilities and unreal gadgets to help solve the mystery. Just good old common sense!

Thank you BFG and AMAX for putting out this game. Can't wait to take advantage of the great weekend sale..
Thank you hogfan for posting this list. I love comparing your list to mine to make sure I haven't missed any on my list.
 posted in Love Chronicles: Death's Embrace Collector's Edition on Jul 2, 17 8:55 AM
Hey, silly me! What are RPGs? Just wondering if I have some of those also. ?
Thank you hogfan for listing the order of this series. I thought I had them all, but checking my list with yours I see I don't have #11 Train to Hellswich. I'll have to check and see why I didn't purchase it. Maybe it had a lot of bad reviews. Often that will keep me from even looking at the trial.
 posted in League of Light: Edge of Justice Collector's Edition on Jun 21, 17 8:17 AM
I agree with you Shondasueann. I'm always routing for the "underdog or those mistreated". I have all the other League of Light games, but haven't yet been able to play them all. I buy too many games and don't have time to play them.

Your review comment has made me want to add this game also. With todays sale I might just purchase without demo. I love games that make you want to cheer on the bad guy. If you haven't yet tried "Chimeras: Tune of Revenge", give it a try. It is one of my favorites. My first 6* out of 5*.

Thanks for posting your honest review. Keep them coming.

PS. By the way, my oldest daughter is named Shonda. Love that name.
I too found the bonus chapter ending a little strange, but can see it happening that way. Kind of a cute idea actually. At least it did end with a hopeful promise for a sequel in the future.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: Fleshbound Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 17 10:45 AM
I have read all these comments and agree with most. I too have been a BFG member for many years.

What I have found that has happened to me is, BFG offers so many great sales that I have bought 500 games but have only played half of them. THAT'S INSANE, but I'm as addicted to buying with their great sales as I am playing the games, maybe more. I start most days checking to see what is new.

I believe the developers work very hard in trying to give us an occasional great game, but with these great sales they can't maintain the staff to do it without also putting out mediocre games in between to keep the funds coming in. I don't mind similar games so I'll purchase at the sales. If you don't feel the same, then just hold on to your money and use it when a great game comes out. I know I've thought of doing that MANY times, but haven't.

The last thing I need is another game, but I have two I will probably start the new month/year purchasing because of today's great sale. Thank you BFG, yet BACK OFF so I can get myself under control.

Off to purchase new games!! HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow fishes !! :
Thank you Valdy for your positive review. There have been so many low and negative ratings that I was going to pass without a demo. This is one of my favorite series and I was finding it hard to pass up. I will now demo it and see if I enjoy it also. I have a hard time remembering former games, so each game seems different to me.
MRM206 wrote:
Has anyone figured out ... or maybe just 'thought' ... that CHRISTMAS games aren't meant to be fast-moving (perhaps to savor the story line?), that maybe HOGs and mini games weren't meant to be hard or stressful? That ghosts and missing people and the stress of the deeper games aren't exactly appropriate for a Christmas game? That, perhaps in the Spirit of Christmas, these games were meant to be slow, stress-free, enjoyable playtime taking our minds off the grief and sadness going on in the world? This is just me wondering.

I have to agree. Christmas themes are suppose to be enjoyed with the season. This is the season of kindness, love, and joy. I'll solve the crimes after the season.

As for me, I always look forward to Christmas games and enjoy each and every one. I like the idea of Santa having an evil brother we have to combat to save Christmas. I plan on purchasing this fun game with today's great sale.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 16 11:07 AM
I agree with Miss Lisa. This is one of my favorite series. To my knowledge no other developer has a puppet series. It's such a refreshing change from witches, ghosts, monsters, etc.. ERS is a top developer and one of my favorites. PuppetShow is one of my favorite series. I never tire of their games in this series. I have all the other PuppetSow games and can't wait to add this one to my list, as soon as there is a good sale for me. ?

The graphics are clear, colorful, and spooky. Top notch !! You owe it to yourself to give this game a try and see if you feel the same. ? Happy Gaming Everyone !! ??
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 16 10:54 AM
I agree with Valdi and Miss Lisa !! ERS is one of the top developers and I especially love the Puppet Show series. I have all the others and have really enjoyed playing them. I don't remember seeing another developer who has a puppet series. At least it isn't witches, ghosts, etc. puppets add a change. Can't wait to get this one also. Thank you ERS !! ?? ??
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 posted in Grim Legends 3: The Dark City Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 16 12:41 PM
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 posted in Vengeance: Lost Love on Jul 7, 16 6:33 PM
I have the same problem on my way to the mines. I then have a black screen with mountain tops and clouds across the top of the screen. I believe it is even raining. I can see a twinkle here or there and when clicking on them sometimes I would get an area, sometimes not. The music continues to play and I can go back to former scenes. I just can't continue from this point. I finally clicked on a area that had a large drum and immediately my computer said it had encountered an error and had to close the game. That happened twice. I deleted and re-downloaded, but it didn't help.

I've never had a problem with games from BFG. I am still using my Windows Vista and don't have the problems others have complained about. This is my second complaint in 8 yrs. of membership. I was enjoying the game, but can't complete it.

IF there isn't a fix, will we get credit for the game?
 posted in Phantasmat: Town of Lost Hope Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 16 12:29 PM
I have all the other Phantasmat games and have enjoyed playing them. It looks like this one will be as good as most of the others. Can't wait to play the entire game.

Unfortunately, a game or movie sequel is NEVER as good as the original (even if it is a Steven Spielberg). You have to take each game on it's own merit and not compare it to the original. That way you don't always come up disappointed.

Give this game a try!
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