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 posted in Green City 2 on Jun 27, 13 7:29 PM
Any tips on passing level 40?
 posted in Countryside Buffet on May 17, 13 8:18 PM
I try to drag the party girls to a table and can't .Too many of them and can't be seated.
 posted in Dream Builder: Amusement Park on Aug 20, 12 7:44 PM
I cant figure out how to build the quiet zone.Any suggestions?
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Mar 15, 12 8:19 AM
How do you get enough gold to complete this level?
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Sep 6, 11 2:34 AM
Any tips for challenge campaign level 4?
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Jul 4, 11 6:04 PM
Any tips how to pass this level?
 posted in Mall-a-Palooza on Jul 3, 11 3:44 AM
This game won't let me do any of the events in the saloon mall.
 posted in Jane's Realty on Jun 23, 11 2:54 AM
Any tips on how to make 70,000 before time runs out?
 posted in Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village on Jun 19, 11 4:27 AM
I loved the 1st one but cant get past level 5 on this one any tips?
 posted in Megapolis on Jun 9, 11 2:09 AM
Any tips on how to pass the level when you build the health care center?
 posted in Royal Envoy on Jun 1, 11 5:38 PM
You must have 80 happiness in this level and I can only ever get 70.How you get 80?
 posted in Mall-a-Palooza on May 29, 11 2:44 AM
It won't let me hire a janitor in the Saloon Mall.
 posted in 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven on May 19, 11 3:35 AM
How do I complete level 4?
 posted in Youda Camper on May 15, 11 6:41 PM
I can't even get people to come to the camp.How you get this game started?
 posted in Jane's Realty on May 6, 11 5:08 PM
How do i upgrade houses?
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Apr 9, 11 5:35 AM
I am also stuck trying to figure out how to make 12 million on 16 painted chalets in the time allowed.
 posted in Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny on Mar 22, 11 5:20 PM
I am stuck in the study.How do I get out?
 posted in Farmers Market on Mar 2, 11 5:20 PM
What must you do to sell 5 ears of roasted corn?
How do you open the front door?
Where do you get the varnish to get the stuff off the ladder?
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