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 posted in Life Quest ™ on May 31, 11 12:36 PM
To get the mansion, first you have to have all other upgrades to your house finished. And before you can do that make sure you OWN the Hilltop House. After you finish all other upgrades, you unlock the mansion upgrade. then you do all the shifts by either "Do It Yourself" or "Hire a Contractor". Remember it costs $200 to hire a contractor and $75 and the toolbox (which you can get at The Kitchen Sink) to do "Do it Yourself". The more practically you have (which you can raise through college classes) the less shifts you have to do. Hope this helps!
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on May 31, 11 12:29 PM
Uh.... Yah... I feel so dumb. It turns out that you don't click the center of the wheel. You click the edges.... Well, this is embarrassing.... Sorry, if I wasted your time.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on May 30, 11 7:14 PM
What I don't understand is how Nancy keeps on saying "It's Blocked" when the walkthrough keeps on telling me to turn the middle and right wheels.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on May 30, 11 7:11 PM
Cinders31 wrote:I am stuck on this too. I THINK I have all the pics of the other birds but still no hawk. I even looked at a walkthrough and it was no help. sigh. will look again to see if I missed a bird somewhere.

There are only six spots on the camera. If five of them are full of different birds then you have found them all. The last one will be filled by the Hawk.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on May 30, 11 7:09 PM
deb2217 wrote:I can't even find the mosaics! I've been up and down all the available tunnels and can't seem to find them. There are some tunnel walls with different colors, but none look anything like what I'd define as mosaic.
Somebody please Help!

From the squeakeasy (don't know if I got the name right), continue going forward. Just forward. Then, when you come across to a light you turn left. I don't know if I'm being thorough enough. If I am not you should enter into google Nancy Drew : Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Walkthrough. The gameboomers site is really good for Nancy Drew walkthroughs. Hope this helps even just a tad.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on May 30, 11 7:02 PM
How do I flush out the well? I have the wheel that was on the ground. I have put the wheel into the middle valve. I have put the screwdriver in the hole. NOW WHAT!? I have searched through online walkthroughs, hints, tips, and all. But I still don't get it! How am I supposed to move the middle and right valves if its BLOCKED! Am I just missing something? Did I accidentally forget a step? Please help me out here. Just another Nancy Drew Game fan that wants to see the end.....
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on May 30, 11 6:52 PM
Yes, but HOW DO YOU ADJUST THE WATER LEVEL!? I've looked on online walkthroughs, hints, online tips. But it MAKES NO SENSE to me.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 4, 11 8:42 PM
Hi! I have built the shipyard and Great Ark but my question is this... Do I get to keep my old island when I travel to a new one? I love my people and don't want to leave behind the ones that don't go.... Plus I don't want to leave my graveyard. So if I go to a new island can I maybe alternate between the 2? Otherwise, if you can only have 1 island at a time, I'd rather just make a new profile and then go to a new island.
 posted in Shop It Up! on Mar 16, 11 10:22 AM
I tried the free trial and thought it was SUPER FUN! But I don;t think I should buy it if the non-saving stuff happens to me. Is the game worth it?
 posted in Garden Dash on Mar 16, 11 10:18 AM
Woo Hoo! Another Dash game! I'm hyped!
 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 16, 11 10:06 AM
The Subject is my question.
 posted in Sally's Spa on Mar 1, 11 8:47 PM
Best. Time. Management. Game. EVER!!!!!!! I love this game. This will most likely be the next game I buy!
 posted in Gourmania on Mar 1, 11 8:36 PM
I love this game too! I have expert on every level EXCEPT one in the sushi bar! I can't remember the exact level. It's driving me crazy that tiny little imperfection!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well... Heard there's a second one. Four words: AWESOMENESS! Must do trial!
 posted in Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year on Mar 1, 11 8:31 PM
I love this game!
 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 1, 11 8:30 PM
I've had the dog for 12 generations now. I made another family so I could get a cat and still get to keep the dog! I love the pets!
 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 1, 11 8:23 PM
I might take their house except for the fact that the kids share a room. Bleh. Other than that I would love their house! I also love their pool and I wouldn't mind having a treadmill.
 posted in Yummy Drink Factory on Mar 1, 11 8:14 PM
I love this game so much! I've only played the free trial but someday I will buy this game!!!
 posted in Miss Management on Mar 1, 11 8:10 PM
YAH HOO! I have finished and it is glorious!
 posted in Miss Management on Feb 25, 11 8:08 PM
I love miss management! So funny and challenging! Does anyone know any other games like this. Ones where they have a complex storyline along with time management. I love the games with storylines. For instance Delicious: Emily's Holiday Season. I just love games where there's a story along with playing the TM part. So if you know any others like this! Tell me!
 posted in Miss Management on Feb 25, 11 7:58 PM
YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!! I've been stuck on this level 4ever and decided to look on here. It works!
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