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 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 12:58 PM
I have been a member here for over 12 years and have bought hundreds of games.
There is not one game I have bought or even trialed without coming to the forums to read reviews / opinions etc. Then come here again if I have any problems or want hints. Or to find out about earlier games in a series.
If these forums do close, I might as well end my membership as there is no point in buying a game without all of the above. It would be a waste of money and lead to a lot of frustration which I can do without.
So please think hard before shutting them down permanently.
This is the first I had heard about this as I do not come here every day, only when the daily game appeals to me.
thank you.
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Other Side Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 18 7:44 AM
same here. windows 7. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. game still won't launch.
 posted in Bingo Battle: Conquest of Seven Kingdoms on Sep 2, 17 1:50 AM
same here,playing with windows 7. demo has run out but not buying till I see issue is fixed
Like several others I cannot play the demo. Screen goes black, ctrl, alt& del then shows game is not responding. Have tried 3 times waiting longer each time in case it is just being slow. Running Windows 7 Home Premium
 posted in The Inner World on Aug 24, 15 10:27 AM
Thanks, I have not used mine as I did not want to waste them. Will use them now
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret on Jul 25, 15 4:08 AM
Custom cursor does not work for me. It is fine in the CE version but I do not buy CE games. I always use custom cursors as they are smaller. Just redownloaded the CE version to check and there is no problem at all. Do not know if it is the new version that has fixed this issue as I was away on holiday when the game came out.
Will have to hope we get an update for the SE version
 posted in Jewel Match 2: Reloaded on Jul 20, 15 6:16 AM
Yes I was very pleased as I had several punch credits to use up. I never leave it to the last moment these days.
 posted in Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast on May 25, 15 1:35 AM
I thought Bogo sales always used your game credits. You can always just buy another game credit first, this will cost exactly the same amount as buying the games for cash. At least that is what I have always found. I usually need to buy one first if I want CEs.
 posted in Mahjong Carnaval 2 on May 18, 15 1:59 PM
On Mondays I click on the new game or the DD to see if there is any mention. I certainly no longer leave it till the last Monday in the month. Not going to be caught out that way again!
 posted in Mahjong Carnaval 2 on May 18, 15 5:10 AM
I was hoping it would be on this week as I have 2 PCCs to use up. I only saw it mentioned when I looked at the DD game. Having bought that, I am now looking for 2 other SE games to buy..
Thanks BF
 posted in Treasures of Rome on Mar 31, 15 7:05 AM
I am just glad that there was one day in hand. Had Monday been the last day of the month there would have been no chance to sort out what was happening. Also glad I actually had a credit in hand as well as punch credits.
 posted in Treasures of Rome on Mar 31, 15 6:44 AM
Thanks Jorie, it worked for me too. Not ideal using a credit at this time of the month but better than wasting 5 punches..
 posted in Treasures of Rome on Mar 30, 15 9:09 AM
Yes indeed. So have we lost out on purchases made today ? Do we need to make other purchases to complete the March punch cards?
 posted in Treasures of Rome on Mar 30, 15 6:22 AM
Glad I am not the only one. Have contacted CS but know I will not get a reply in time as the month is almost over.
still working - uk 7.55pm
Was not going to get any more CE's but I do like this one.
 posted in Relic Rescue on Aug 30, 14 12:09 PM
which side is the key on ?
 posted in Relic Rescue on Aug 30, 14 8:27 AM
me too!!

LOL, got through on very next try. Got to just below the key and tried the flame bonus on the balls below it. that cleared all but three of the balls. 2 of them were red so I bought 3 more red balls and just needed one for the key to drop through.
 posted in Secrets of the Dark: The Flower of Shadow on Aug 4, 14 7:21 AM
@sn665 - thanks so much, the CE version had been fuzzy on my computer and I nearly didn't bother downloading the SE. It is so much better after unchecking the wide screen option. I will go back and try the CE version and then decide which I want to buy.
 posted in Whispered Legends: Tales of Middleport on Jun 11, 14 11:39 AM
Have been playing more of the game. Have not had issues with freezing so far, but have to say I am disappointed, it is not a patch on the other series that Gogii have put out.
Having googled the title, i see it has been released in most formats at the same time, pc, mac, iphone, ipad & android. Definitely budget according to prices £1.99 for ipad. Just glad I had not paid full price for it.
Next time I will check more carefully even with devs I have rated highly in the past.
 posted in Whispered Legends: Tales of Middleport on Jun 11, 14 2:09 AM
Definitely a buy for me with today's sale. I always like games with the custom option - get rid of tutorial, glints, sparkles in HO scenes and adjustable hint and skip times.
Have only played for a few minutes but already noticed there are 2 sets of collectables. Also a jump map.
Do not know if we can mention the devs ( if not I am sure a mod will remove this bit) but Gogii have produced several of my favourite game series. So I have no hesitation about buying it after 5 minutes demo time.
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