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 posted in Surface: Game of Gods on Mar 11, 16 9:58 PM
Just bought this a couple of days ago. Playing on a 8.1 windows computer that is maybe a year old and recently updated to windows 10. Had no problems playing and it filled my wide flat-screen monitor. Graphics were clear and a pleasure to look at, very pretty. I did find though that some of the art work was distinctly different in some parts. Your friends that you have to save look almost flat and cartoony in comparison to other characters. More or less minor but still noticeable.

Others stated that there were too many lengthy cut-scenes. There were several throughout the game but I did not find any of them to be very long at all and that they helped tell the story. I definitely felt though whoever built this game was under the impression that it was for a young audience. I agree with the other posters that a lot of the mini-games and HOPs were easy. Somewhat disappointing.

Story was intriguing and kept my interest through several hours of play. Am not a fast player, and do not use hints or skips if I do not have to. I give this game a 3 out 5 stars because if the relatively easy game play. A little disappointed in the lack of developers' efforts in comparison to the rest of the series.
 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes on Mar 5, 16 5:58 PM
Found out that consilences meant. It is a real word meaning evidence coming together, separate pieces of it fitting together. By all means not a word in common usage with most people. I was correct it assuming that it meant pieces that were connected somehow. Hey I learned a new word and its meaning! If you read this, now you do too!
 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes on Feb 28, 16 7:51 PM
Have the rest of the series. Fun game and worth buying. Art is great, story line generally good. Several hours of entertainment playing casual, I am an experienced player, but not a fast one. Will try harder level later.

I do agree with other earlier reviewers that this one is different than the previous games. A lot lighter in theme and suspense. And I usually do not mind an occasionally misspelling or use of British English in describing objects (easy enough usually to figure out). While not horrible, there were a number of incorrect usages of English phrasings and word usage. One I word used two or three times was "consilences", I am going to see If I can find that one or something of similar spellingin my dictionary or online. I kinda took it to mean things that were connected somehow or similar. The developers need to be more careful about their translations. The game also felt a little truncated or rushed in parts.

I give a solid 3 stars.

 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes on Feb 28, 16 6:59 PM
Did you figure it out? If I remember right, there are four blue slats that you have to find and place them on the left side of the headdress. Then press each one in the right sequence.
 posted in Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood on Feb 28, 16 6:41 PM
Forgot to mention that I am playing Win 10 on a Lenovo that originally had 8.1 bought maybe six months ago.
 posted in Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood on Feb 28, 16 6:38 PM
Recently bought this game with a credit. And I think it is worth the regular SE price. I am not a fast player, played casual, and got several hours of play. Interesting somewhat spooky supernatural story-line. Has good voice-over plus text so you can play being hearing impaired or just need/want to turn sound off. Loved the graphics. Well written story. Lots of back and forth, so its interactive map is very helpful. Map also let you know where things needed to be done.

Never used the hint button, so have no idea how long it needed to recharge. I do not like having to use it and on some games it is not much help anyway. Need help, check out the walkthrough if you really need to, which I occasionally (I admit), I have done. Interactive HOs, not junk piles, some in the browns/darker tones, clever hiding of objects.

Overall, I give this 4 1/2 stars. Nothing beats 5 stars of Mystery Case Files.
 posted in Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood on Feb 28, 16 6:11 PM
Know this is a little past time on your post. The Mystery Case Files games have SEs with morphing objects and are excellent games. They introduced us to morphs. The first couple/three did not have them but are still great games and intro to the series. I am a big fan of those games as many others are/were. Lots of stuff to do and hours upon hours of play. I am currently replaying them.

If you like collecting things like those, how about achievements and such? Lots of games with those that are Standard Edition. Or ones that you can build environments (not time management ones). A couple of fun ones are Fishdom H20 and Garden Scapes.

I would suggest that you ALWAYS demo a game before buying and look at the forum related to the game before deciding to buy. You can get an idea of what the game is like and most times what a games content has or problems that others have had. Check top right of game download page to find the link to the forum. Have problems with the game? Post it on the forum, but do not expect an answer especially if it is an older game. And also contact customer support at the bottom of every page and let them know what was wrong, maybe they can help you with fixing it, or give you a refund or game credit. Hope this helps.

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Feb 10, 16 5:17 PM
I have been having various problems with several games since I upgraded to Win10. I am going to do a Dr. Felix report and contact customer support about what is happening with those games. Hopefully they can give me help. Have you tried contacting them? There are also help pages that are available to help with things like resolution, error notices, and such. Just click on the help link at the top right of the page next to your user name and game credit info.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects ™ on Feb 8, 16 7:05 PM
There is no 8 point star outside of maybe a couple of symbols in one or two places. The battery needed is found in one of the hidden objects scenes given to you for each subject. It is laying out in the open (no having to uncover it). Just click on it and it will automatically power your x-ray magnifying glass of certain hidden object scenes. It works similar to a flashlight in the dark room in other games.
 posted in Surface: Mystery of Another World on Oct 6, 15 8:18 PM
I believe this is the first in the series. Played Pantheon first and was intrigued to try the others. Glad I did. Sci-fi themed. Excellent game, lengthy, good story that captures you, good graphics. Hos have a new twist. And if you like puzzles like I do you will enjoy this, new ideas from fairly easy to hard. I played casual this time and will definitely try a harder level later, has replay value. Live action cut-scenes well integrated though voice-overs were slightly off. I give this one 5 stars out of 5. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
 posted in Surface: The Pantheon on Oct 6, 15 8:00 PM
Just finished this game a couple of days ago. First that I tried in the series. Great game and plan on trying the others. Have to agree with most everyone in the first reviews. The game play is quite lengthy which is always great. Always play casual the first time through, then harder versions at a later time. Definitely one for replay. Nice sci-fi steam punk story that grabs you and keeps your attention. HOs had a nice twist to them, and quite a few mini-puzzles that ranged from fairly easy to hard. I only skipped one mostly because I was tired and distracted (I love puzzles and the challenge). Lots of back and forth so the transporting map was welcome. A couple of times it took some thought to remember where something could be used or remember which scene one needed to go back to to place an item found. I found that interesting but not frustrating as I am a slow player and not interested in rushing through a game, kinda like playing a harder level with hints. A couple of things appeared a little illogical but hey, this isn't real life. Overall, I would give this one 4 1/2 stars out of five instead of 5 only because of the couple illogical things. Otherwise it is a must buy.
 posted in Surface: The Pantheon on Sep 29, 15 10:17 PM
Sorry I should have said customer support can be found at the bottom of the main pages and also forum pages.
 posted in Surface: The Pantheon on Sep 29, 15 10:15 PM
Sorry that no one has come to help you. Once a game has been out for awhile this happens with members and the moderators also on forums. You do not state in your post what your problem is. I would suggest you go to the help link at the top of the page next to your name and credit info and see if you can find the help you need there. If you have not been able to find anything there, you should try the customer service link you will find there or at the bottom of the main page. Be as specific as you can about the problem and it also helpful to send a Dr. Felix report too. If it is a problem that they can not fix ask for a credit for another game or refund.
Actually found one problem, maybe my new computer? Found a solution not mentioned in the walkthrough or remembered having a problem before. My cursor would not move my figure using a mouse. Looked around this forum and the walkthrough does not mention it. I finally decided before contacting support to try the arrow keys on my keyboard. Guess what? It worked!
Bought this game maybe 5-6 yrs. ago. Played it then and thoroughly enjoyed it again. Hardly remembered most of it. Just replayed it for only the second time on a very new Windows 8.1 with a new flat screen monitor. Like playing a new game. Had no problems. Graphics were good. Game play smooth. No cursor problems.

Medium game play. Not easy nor hard, some parts take a little patience or thought. I would suggest at least playing the demo to decide if it is your cup of tea. For newbies, you can delete the whole demo from your computer if you do not like it by just hitting the trash can button on your game manager. And read some of the older reviews, tech issues (especially if you have an older computer). They and some of the older messages can maybe help you.

Go to James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Twice in a Blue Moon Walkthrough

You will have the numbers of doors that you have to count to get to the door you need to enter. Starting with the door you are standing in front of. Move only clockwise as you count.
 posted in Witches' Legacy: Lair of the Witch Queen on Jun 2, 15 9:32 PM
Just bought recently. No problems playing on my Win 8.1 tower. Lots of puzzles and HOS which I like. A little dark in some areas but that goes with the story. Good jump map. Not a fast player so I got several hours of play. Cute little imp helper. No special awards or achievements, just an interesting story line and good graphics.
 posted in Witches' Legacy: Lair of the Witch Queen on Jun 2, 15 9:05 PM
Have only had a peek or two at a couple of strategy guides when I demoed a couple of CEs. Was not impressed and what I saw did not look helpful. The walkthroughs to me are better generally in detail and information. And you can bookmark or copy tthem to your computer for quicker access. The link to them can be found at the top of the page next to your name, just click on Community.
 posted in Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows on Jun 2, 15 8:47 PM
Just bought and works good on my Win 8.1 tower. Definitely one of the better HOS. Graphics are beautiful, one should take time to enjoy the views. Interesting story line. The cut scenes are not animated but usually a letter with a drawing you picked up that tells you with a voice over a part of the story. Some scenes are generally on the darker, brown and gray color scheme, but that goes with the locations and story line. Lots of little interesting twists and turns to puzzles and HOS. No sparkles, no returning to same locations for HOS, each puzzle different. Collect coins to open chests to find things you need. No extras (achievement awards or the like). Nice straight forward, relaxing, fun game. I give 5*****.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jun 1, 15 11:00 AM
I have the same feelings and thoughts. Hate the concept of sucking more and more money out of people to continue game play. Have been hugely disappointed a couple of times to find out what sounded like a very interesting games was actually was a so called "free" to play game. I have all of a series that I really enjoyed and was excited when a new addition was announced that turned out to be one of these. What a let down.
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