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 posted in Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover™ on Aug 31, 12 7:52 AM
Loved this game and hope you have another sequel to it!
 posted in Nemo's Secret: The Nautilus on Jun 8, 11 8:02 AM
Why does the game load soooooo slowly??
 posted in Shades of Death: Royal Blood on Mar 26, 11 4:06 AM
When I exit the game and then go to play it a while progress isn't being saved. I have looked at other posts under "losing" and they are having the same issue. Is there a fix for this?? Maybe sooner than later??
 posted in Shades of Death: Royal Blood on Mar 26, 11 4:05 AM
I am having the same problem!
I cannot get to the left of the church to click on the wolf so I cannot go any further in the game. The wolf is missing altogether. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it did not fix this problem. I changed my aspect ratio on my computer screen....still did not work! Please help!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jul 8, 10 3:44 PM
Walkthrough can be found at this link:
Go to:   
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