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 posted in Farm Up on Apr 9, 15 11:01 AM
I haven't been able to play as well since the March update. All my crops died as well. The only thing tech support did was give me a voucher for a new game.
 posted in Kudos on Aug 14, 11 3:35 PM
you have to go to school and take driver's ed
 posted in Lisa's Fleet Flight on May 6, 10 7:34 PM
[b]I don't like this game at all. After level 2, I got bored. The baggage handler should be able to do things on his own. I don't like the fact that you have to keep clicking on him to do stuff. He should be clicked once and do his job. Also the music is boring as well. It seems to me that most of the new time management games are waste of time. These developers put in a lot of time and effort in the hidden object games like the MCF franchise or Drawn: the painted tower or other games like that. I wish they would put in as much effort in to the TM games. Don't make them simple like this one or don't make them too challenging like Mall-a-Palooza.
 posted in Mall-a-Palooza on Apr 17, 10 12:21 AM
[b] I bought this game last month from and I like it, but it is very difficult. I hope you guys make a walk through for this game. I've asked and , but they have yet to do it. I'm stuck on the last mall which is called GrandCentralStation and I can't get any where. I pretty much stopped playing the game. I told that if you are going to make a time management game, you have to make sure that it's not to difficult to complete or else you will get a lot of complaint's. The game only comes in one mode and they should have made a relax mode.
 posted in Little Folk of Faery on Mar 31, 10 2:46 PM
Me too. I'm tired of HOG. It's nice to see something different. I like to see more of these games that keep going, even when you're not playing. Its just like VV, but without worrying about people starving to death or dying of old age!
 posted in The Palace Builder on Mar 17, 10 3:51 AM
This game is completely BORING! One of the anting things is that its some times hard to place people on the buldings to do their job. BF has better time management games than this. I like Ancient Rome better than this game.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 19, 10 11:50 PM
Here is what I did to beat the last level. The challenge is to build and upgrade 4 villas!! Built three water towers and upgraded them once. Built two farms and upgraded them to level three. Upgraded the hut to level three of course. build flax farm . built another farm, but didn't upgrade it. Built weaving house and upgraded it twice. Upgraded hovel to level three. built clay and upgraded once. Did some trading. built the pottery house, no up grade. built meat farm and upgraded to level three. built sausage hut and did not upgrade. Next market place I built was the mansion. Sold to them first, using the same strategy I used for level 29; selling to the most money making place first and keep supplying the hut with all the wheat it can hold. Upgraded mansion to level three. built the furniture place, upgraded it once. Money should be flowing good and like I said before, you will see after a while that you have a lot of goods manufacturing, so you will know when to stop and to just focus on the task you have to do. Upgraded one villa to level three and started selling to them, the mansion and the hut so that I could make enough money to build and upgrade the other three villas.
So remember don't build the mansion until you have the goods first and don't build your first villa until you have the furniture place first. I ended up with 13 workers to keep all my goods going.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 19, 10 10:58 PM
I finally got past level 29. I had three water towers, and two farms. I made sure that I always click on the produce icon on my water towers until it turns blue, which helped a lot. I always build a hut so I can sell wheat to generate money. I also upgraded the hut and the hovels to level three so that I get more money when I sell my goods. The next thing I built is the mill first then the bakery so that I can start on bread. Selling goods to the people that want to trade things for money helps.

The next place I build was the village and build it up to level three. I chose this place because it the extra thing it needs is the bread. After that the clay then the pottery house, then build the insulae up to level three. The key is to sell your goods to the most expensive places first and to keep supplying the hut with wheat. So when I had the hut and hovel, I would sell to the hovel first when I had enough goods and if there is just wheat, then I would sell to the hut. Then when I built the village, I would sell to them first and if and then the hovels. the same goes for the insulae. Sell to them. And always max sell to the hut because they only need one thing.

Doing it this way helps generate money fast. When you have enough for your mansion, build it upgrade it to level three and stick withe the same formula. Sell to the mansion first. Don't worry about selling anything to the villa. Just keep selling goods to the mansion first and the other places so that you can buy supplies for your upgrades.Keep your water towers full and don't forget the flax farm and sowing hut in the upper right hand corner. After I while, you will see that you wont have to keep producing goods but on occasion when you have to have money to up grade the mansions and villas.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 19, 10 10:04 PM
How were you able to get expert on all levels? For one thing, it takes a long time for resources to build. I would especially like to know how you did it on the last two levels because I'm stuck on level 29.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 17, 10 8:20 PM
I like the game. I don't care about the bad English, my spelling and grammar sucks anyway. It would be nice if the came did not come with a timer and the game needs some tips, tricks or a walk through. I'm stuck on level 29. It was not easy to get there. One of the things I did was get at least 4 water tower's and four farms. I made sure I kept clicking on the water tower's until the Icon turns blue. What makes it hard about this level, is buy the time you get enough resources saved up for the mansion, which i supposed to be the esate, you hardly have any time left.You have to have two of the mansions and three villas and upgrade 2 villas and 3 mansions.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 15, 10 10:13 PM
I got past this level. I built 2 water towers and two small huts or what ever they are called and two farms. I clicked on the water towers until the produce picture grayed out so that my farms stay hydrated and kept producing wheat. Once you get the cattle farm, you only have to upgrade it three times and you are done. I ignored the scrolls except for the one that asked for 100 gallons of water. I sold the water for extra money to help buy supplies I needed for the cattle farm. hopefully i can get past the next level as well.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 14, 10 5:58 PM
I'm stuck on this level too. It takes forever to gather everything. I keep trying to save my resources to buy the cattle farm and on top of that, I keep getting people that want to trade flax and clothes, but I don't have enough resources to build them. By the time I have enough to purchase one cattle farm, the time is up two minutes later. This game needs a walk through.
 posted in Tourist Trap: Build the Nation's Greatest Vacations on Feb 9, 10 8:46 PM
I played the demo and this is the worst game I have ever played. I am so glad I did not buy this one. Meeting goals were hard, especially if it was large sums of money, because buldings kept either braking down or catching on fire. I was so glad when the trial ended. I don't know who they tested this game with, but they should have scarped it or tried something else.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Feb 6, 10 7:12 PM
Why in the world did they make it so that you can't get past level 4 marketplace in sandbox mode? It makes the game boring since not much happens. I wonder if they really tested this game.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Feb 6, 10 7:08 PM
Use the pgup and pgdn buttons.
This is the best MCF game that the company has ever made. I like the live action elements and it was nice that there wasn't a timer to worry about. I had played the game straight through and loved every minute of it. Return to Ravenhearst was my favorite, but this one trumped that one. I hope they make more MCF games like this. The one thing that they could fix is to make a way that you don't have to sit through the long credits.
 posted in Kelly Green Garden Queen on Oct 26, 09 4:21 AM
[b]I have finished the game and I got gold cups on all the levels except for summer day 21. All I get is the silver cup even when I get the more than the guru score. How am I supposed to get the gold cup on that level so that I can get the trophy that says I have finished all levels with gold cup?[b]
 posted in Paradise Beach on Oct 6, 09 3:10 AM
Hello everyone, I know that people had trouble with the last level of getting the goal of $50,000 and I did to. I could not get more than a thousand dollers, before it would be no money. After a few days I figured out how to beat it. What I did was start destroying buldings I did not need much. I had a lot of lawn chairs and showers because everyone always ask for them, but I found out I did not need as many. Also I destroyed any bulding that said "people: few" Like if I had to many bars near each other on the same part of the island, I would destroy one or two so that they would be spaced out. What that dose is make less things your mantince guys have to check and fix themselves. I also had two movie houses. sometimes when you destroy the bar or vollyball court, they will complain, but it changes the status of the ones left to go from few to some or many. Also having fountains that the visters toss coins near busy wakways is a plus, espcially at the entrance. Benches are good as lawn chairs and they don't cost any mantince fee After you finsh this level, you get sent back to pirate island to satisfy the skeletens the come off the boat. hope this helps!
 posted in Fairy Godmother Tycoon on Jul 9, 09 10:24 PM
What worked for me when I played this game is making sure that I don't owe anything to the loan shark and if i did, either the fairy godmother will pay back and I try not to borrow to much agin because she only pays him once. Have everything upgraded to the highest and to get the brainwashing ad. When you have that, you will have a long line and win. also if you want u can use the bomb spell to get even more. This works everytime for me.
 posted in Annabel on Mar 14, 09 10:36 PM
My game freezes after I talk to the Mummy.
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