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 posted in Hidden Mysteries®: Gates of Graceland® on Feb 23, 15 2:18 PM
I was looking for some SE to use my free credits on, and thought this would make a nice edition to my collection. For some reason this game of the series is no longer offered (even though there is a try this game link above).

That's now 2 games I can't find on this site. Maybe the next one I want will still be here.
I'm still trying to get used to the new look of the site and still don't like it for the reasons I originally stated. Now that I know where to click to get to the forums page I will use that, but half the time there is no link (like today) and I have to find other ways around - thanks for posting to look at the bottom of the page.

we were reminded that this is a store and not a chat room. too me, that's the main problem. This use to be a community, now it's just a store. one game that I really want isn't offered on this site and there was a post that it won't be. that's ok, because as long as it's a store, I know there are many more other stores.

I was really hoping with today's CE release they would have a special that would let you buy the other CE's at a special price, but it's only the SE's.

I guess all things have to evolve and maybe it's time for this guppy to check out other waters.

 posted in Sea of Lies: Burning Coast Collector's Edition on Jan 29, 15 12:54 AM
Me too. Was shocked when I saw it. I don't like the description all the way to the left - was easier to read when centered. I don't like there isn't a quick click to get to forums section of the game. I don't like that it is not easy to see what categories the game falls into (finally found that this was a hidden object, but I'm sure it's also an adventure and puzzle game). Very few changes they made that I got used to or liked (like not having a general forum for discussions like this - this used to feel more like a community, now it's just a sales site )
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham on Jan 12, 15 3:29 PM
The inventory stays up all the time at the bottom of the screen.
 posted in Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed on Dec 23, 14 12:31 AM
Since this topic (as well as almost all topics on this site) is locked, I thought I would re-start the topic. I never saw an answer from Big Fish whether they would carry the premium edition of this game.

Does anyone know what this version is missing? Looking at the developer's website and some comments, the things that I would want is the bonus section and the shooting gallery.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Sep 6, 14 10:30 AM
We've been able to get the achievement, but we made sure there were no mis-clicks. Before trying this one (and the garden), we would make a copy of the game so we could restart if needed. The file to be copied can be found in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\****\Midnight Mysteries - Haunted Houdini Deluxe on a Windows 7 machine.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Jul 13, 14 11:32 AM
We're having the same Chapter 10 Doyle problem as the others. After giving the password, we followed the guy upstairs. We looked around in the room and there was nothing to be done. No cursor changing to pick up objects or examine the bookshelf or desk as in the previous chapters. We went downstairs and outside to see what else could be done and now are stuck.

Luckily we saved the gave when we were about to escape from the coffin, Guess we will go out to the game before this part in case we get locked out again.

Shame this has been found over 2 years ago with no solutions.
 posted in My Exotic Farm on Jul 3, 14 1:03 AM
Is this the same game that was released in 2008 and removed in 2012?
 posted in Slingo Quest Amazon on Jul 28, 13 2:40 AM
raindear82 wrote:
My big question is that there are apparently 300 patterns total in the three games, but I have only played 119 patterns in both games. So, are there 281 patterns in Atlantis, or have I not played all the patterns in Egypt and Amazon? I have gotten all the stars and all the awards in both Egypt and Amazon, so I'm not sure how I could have missed patterns.

Does anyone have different a different pattern total than 119 from these two games?

I'm currently up to 174 between the two games. The Daily Challenge in Amazon can offer new patterns. I think there were a couple of boards in Egypt that also offered multiple patterns.

That still doesn't help with the other two rewards you need Atlantis for. I tried to funkitron an email asking about an ETA, but they haven't replied with anything.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Jul 10, 13 3:27 PM
Rumbitothecore wrote:If you are computer savvy then this was posted in the tech thread...

necronik wrote:
dkeagy wrote:I still have not found a patch or a way to get another screwdriver to replace the one used on the grate? Has anyone heard how to fix this?

yes - I edited the save game to place the screwdriver into the sheriff door.

The save game is located under
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Big Fish Games\Mystery Case Files - Shadow Lake CE

You might want to to make a backup copy of this file

Open it in notepad, then find the line:
<downtownScrewdriverIsPlaced type="bool">0</downtownScrewdriverIsPlaced>

and change the 0 to 1; the screwdriver will be in the sherrif's door.

With editing the profile you can overcome some inventory glitches.

Note that you will find references to places/objects that will appear later (spoiler)

Thanks for re-posting this. I couldn't find it in the tech section so I have been looking around how to get into the office without the screwdriver. I'm finally in and hopefully will be done with the game soon. Really thought I would enjoy this game more the second time around.
 posted in Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance on Apr 6, 13 1:53 AM
Kamana_29 wrote: Very good tip

I've like all the 'Strange Cases' games so far - it's a bit surprising it's not a CE but I'm not complaining


I was surprised too it wasn't a CE. A quick google shows that there should be one. Not sure if we're missing anything. I have all the others, so this will be a must try (and probably buy) for me.
 posted in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness on Nov 4, 12 2:44 AM
JulieJay wrote:Well I have a bit of a dilemma! I have it in my book as a "No". I downloaded it to see why it was a "No" but I only have 2 minutes of demo time left. There is no walkthrough to jog my memory and the screenshots don't help. Why did I originally put this game on my "No" list?

Not sure JulieJay. I actually got around to trying it out this week and had it done as a definite DD and a maybe for full price. Something about the game didn't wow me but I still found it enjoyable to play.
 posted in Syberia - Part 2 on Jul 24, 12 2:21 AM
I agree the name is confusing. There's already a review posted that is going to add to the confusion. I really enjoyed Syberia I, and am still disappointed that it was broken up into 3 parts. I don't see the advantage to that other than charging more money.
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Jul 4, 12 4:23 AM
Definitely worth the DD price, but at half off the collector's edition is also a great deal. One of my favorite games to keep playing.
 posted in Slingo Quest Amazon on May 26, 12 7:04 PM
I just finished Egypt and decided to test this one out. I changed my name for testing and after finishing the first board, I checked and my awards were carrying over. Looks like a more challenging game already. Hope they finish with Atlantis soon and we'll get it here.
 posted in Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship on May 2, 12 2:57 PM
I'm curious if anyone has got the collection room to 100%. I've played the game over and over, and am at 99%. Still trying for 100% and wondering if it's possible. The first game it was possible to eventually get all the items, but this one is so random and there's probably one super rare piece to find.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy on Apr 26, 12 4:59 PM
Opera came first, but Asylum is the prequel that explains why things happened in Opera
 posted in Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1 on Mar 22, 12 2:23 AM
I was wondering if this is like what they did to Syberia - took a large file game and broke it into pieces.
I'm also having a problem with the clock. Was trying to figure it out on my own since I haven't had to use the strategy guide at all. I got to the point where I can't move any of the weights and it won't reset itself. Up until now was a 5 star game, but if this is a glitch I can't recommend the CE, but the SE would be worth the money.
 posted in Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart on Dec 13, 11 4:54 PM
This was a great game except for the story line not matching the previous two games. I didn't get the closure I wanted to find out what happened to her parents. This seemed like a parallel universe with just the same character names.
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