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 posted in The Golden Years: Way Out West on Jan 11, 12 8:42 PM
Thanks so much LINDSAYR28! I'm going back in and try it. It sure sounds logical, plus we only need one General Store to serve 25. Thanks again!!!!
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Dec 27, 11 10:25 PM
Gosh ... I'm a little overwelmed ... I do agree regarding the ABC profile, but so far I'm really enjoying the gameplay, unique graphics of a past era and the history lesson. It's a definate buy for me. Thanks BF, always glad to see a new Time Management Game come out. And especially not too dashed or frenzied. I like it!!
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Dec 17, 11 11:35 AM
Thanks dvdiva, I thought it was shorter, but 10 levels isn't too bad. Of course, any game you're enjoying so much seems way too short. I've already replayed about 5 times, but had a lot of fun doing it! Like you, I also look forward to a 3rd in the series.
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Dec 14, 11 9:56 PM
Is it just me or is RT2 a lot shorter than the first one? I was so thrilled to see a second to RT, so of course I purchased it right away ... I think after 5 minutes of playing. Really do love the game and no complaints on the upgrades. But I do feel a little short changed.
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Oct 30, 11 2:43 PM
AWESOME GAME!!! I expected it to be like the other, which I really liked, but was looking for something a little different and you sure gave it to me! Love the variety of new mini-games and the great storyline, even the graphics are better. Great job on the upgrading.
 posted in Family Vacation California on Oct 25, 11 10:52 PM
Geez guys .... I'm a senior, senior citizen and I really enjoyed playing this game, a little too short though.
 posted in Best in Show Solitaire on Oct 22, 11 4:25 PM
Hi! What a great, fun solitaire game!! I really love the dog theme and unique gameplay ... keeps me on my toes. Got to remember to switch between my dogs; as to their special abilities. Like a few of you, I had some technical issues with the gameplay. But with the help of the Customer Support Team and Dr. Felix, I'm up and running. Thanks guys, you put the fun in my gaming!
 posted in Juliette's Fashion Empire on Oct 13, 11 2:58 PM
Hi! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I haven't enjoyed a game this much since the Sally's Spa series or my personal favorite Posh Boutique 1 and 2. Storyline, graphics and gameplay is great ... hope to see this game followed with more series; just a little longer play. Thanks BF!!!
 posted in DQ Tycoon on Oct 11, 11 12:13 PM
Hi! This is a GREAT DAILY DEAL on a really fun Time Management Game! I purchased this game quite awhile ago and since have gone back and replayed numerous times. The timing is perfect as far as gameplay; it progresses at a timely manner to a real challenge, IMO. I'm not much on the frenzy type games, because they get too fast, too soon. But I really enjoyed the graphics, upgrading the equipment and employees, plus the fun of playing, for at least as far as I got to. I would love to see a 2nd DQ, but maybe this time with a relaxed, untimed or slower mode. It is well worth the regular price, but at a DD, IT'S A REAL GEM!!! Linda
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Oct 8, 11 2:39 PM
Hi! I'm going to purchase this right away. Thanks to all of you, considerate fishes, that took the time to post a review; your opinions mean a lot to me! Now I'm really excited and eager to play. I usually try to get the CE's, mainly for the Stategy Guide and Bonus Gameplay. Do any of you know if the SG includes the Bonus Gameplay? Thanks again! Linda
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Oct 8, 11 1:26 PM
Hi! I'm going to purchase this right away. Thanks to all of you, considerate fishes, that took the time to post a review; your opinions mean a lot to me! Now I'm really excited and eager to play. I usually try to get the CE's, mainly for the Stategy Guide and Bonus Gameplay. Do any of you know if I purchase the SG, does it include the Bonus Gameplay? Thanks again! Linda
Hi! I just finished this game and am thrilled that I purchased the CE. The built-in strategy guide came in handy numerous times. I do agree with the others regarding the lousy ending; the writers could have used a little more amagination in closing this storyline, yet still kept it open for a series to follow. This is the first time I felt like the CE Bonus Play was worth the extra price. As for having to finish the whole game, plus the bonus game before access to the screensavers and wallpapers, that was a big disappointment. After finishing the game I have no interest at all in using either one, I'm ready to move on to another game. I only enjoy the wallpaper as I play that specific game. Over all though, it was a fun game and I look forward to more!
 posted in Royal Trouble on Oct 5, 11 12:00 PM
Hi! It's been quite awhile since I purchased and played this adventure game, but I do remember that it is a cute, really fun and funny, addictive game that I thoroughly enjoyed ... plus I loved the storyline. Would be nice if it was a little longer, but it's still a great deal!! Hope y'all have as much fun playing this as I did. Linda
PS - I agree fully with Moonfish ... would love to see a sequel!!
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Sep 28, 11 11:44 AM
Hi! There really isn't too much to ad to the numerous positive reviews already stated. I just LOVE the variety of modes to play this game in; which to me means HIGH REPLAY VALUE! I also wanted to ad my name to the list of others thanking Big Fish for the great Time Management games recently released!!!
 posted in Charm Tale 2: Mermaid Lagoon on Sep 27, 11 9:34 PM
Hi! I'm not really very much into Match-3 games. But this one was in my " Games You'll Love " section, so I thought I'd give it a try. Wow, whatta GREAT GAME, sort of like a Match-3 Adventure!! Lovely graphics, story and soundtrack, lots of upgrades, variety mini-games, plus you get a choice of timed and relaxed untimed mode. Very pleasant surprise ... thanks Big Fish!!!
 posted in Leeloo's Talent Agency on Sep 27, 11 12:00 PM
Hi! I've had this game for a long time. It's one of my all-time favorite Time Management games, with lots of replay value. The only complaint I have is ... where is number 2?? A really GREAT, unique gameplay, awesome storyline, very good graphics, especially for the time and with lots of hours of fun!! Time Management Gamers, you're in for a treat and at a really good price ... enjoy!
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Illusions on Sep 17, 11 2:57 PM
Kashmiraka wrote:I downloaded the trial as it is todays DD, I want to play this really bad, but so far I can only play 1 minute and kicks me back to game manager, so I go back in, it starts all over again, installed and reinstalled to no avail. Never had this happen before. So for instance, when you start it says you have 60 minutes to play, start the game, kicks me back to game manager which now says I have 59 minutes left to play, start game again, kicks me back and now says 58 minutes left to play.
Looked at all the tech help pages and have not seen this problem listed.
Very Frustrating! Looks like I may have to skip this one, I am afraid if I just go ahead and buy it will have tech problems as I see alot of people have had tech issues with this game.

Gosh Dang it! I'm having the same problem ... Please BF get it fixed soon, I really wanted to add this one to the other series, but unsure if I will be able to play it or not.
 posted in Haunted Domains on Sep 7, 11 9:30 AM
Hi! A few days ago, I purchased this game elsewhere. If you liked the Hotel Dash games then you will most likely love this one, too. It's sort of a Halloween Special hotel dash, with a few different twists and storyline. I favor time management games, with the choice of a relaxed mode, but sometimes I do go back and try for the gold on the faster mode; this should please both type players. Tried the trial game and bought after only 11 minutes of gameplay. This is a GREAT GAME ... hope you enjoy it as much as I am!!!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Aug 31, 11 2:09 PM
PS to earlier message: EASIER SOLUTION FOR NOT BE ABLE TO SEE FULL SCREEN! For those that are having the same problem with Windows 7 (getting the full screen) you can also uncheck the FULL SCREEN in the OPTIONS section and you will be able to play on a slightly smaller, but complete screen. I tried it first, just to see what I was missing.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Aug 31, 11 1:26 PM
jojo_the_joyful wrote:Hi Uzea,

The timer is attached to the lt side vertical goal indicator.

Would changing your screen resolution help ?

I CANNOT VIEW THE FULL SCREEN (amounts of food, wood, etc.): I am also using Windows 7 and I followed the suggestion of jojo. I went in and reset my resolution to 1024x768 and was able to see the full screen; amount of wood, food, etc. But the game was changed back to the look of MKFTP 1 and 2. I really don't like having to play with the old graphics, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Does anyone know if BF is working on this problem, or does anyone have a solution? I am brain-dead when it comes to technical issues.
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