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 posted in Bear's Dream on Oct 3, 10 4:11 PM
Can't play it. Game didn't adjust to my monitor. All I could see was the first screen with "continue" button on the bottom so I couldn't even try to get it to go to windowed. Couldn't get to menu to exit. I play on a laptop. Rarely have a problem with BF games.
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Sep 29, 10 8:30 AM
I didn't think I would like it too much as it seemed a bit dark for my taste. However it drew me in and was intriguing. Not your usual run of the mill HOG. Excellent game!
 posted in Wandering Willows on Sep 24, 10 7:43 AM
This game was absolutely fantastic! It is one of the few that was so entertaining that it needs a SEQUEL!
 posted in Royal Envoy on Sep 23, 10 4:16 PM
Lots of fun, really cute, excellent building game!
 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Sep 23, 10 4:05 PM
I love building games and this one was very good!
 posted in Farmers Market on Sep 23, 10 3:04 PM
A bit different and VERY enjoyable!
 posted in Farmers Market on Sep 23, 10 1:30 PM
A bit different and VERY enjoyable!
 posted in Heroes of Kalevala on Sep 23, 10 1:27 PM
Fun! I really like it
 posted in Fishdom 2 on Sep 23, 10 12:51 PM
Love the Fishdom series. Great game! Cute, fun, entertaining.
 posted in Artifact Quest on Sep 23, 10 12:48 PM
I have enjoyed many M3 games. How could this one could possibly be in the number one spot?! It's boring. Not sure if it is the graphics or what.
 posted in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush on Jul 19, 10 10:56 AM
"I can't figure out how to go back to prievious screens to see if I missed them"

I got stuck in the same spot in Charlotte's boudoir. Apparently that scene needs the blue back button that some of the other scenes have. I forgot the map is in the lower right hand corner. I went to the menu then started again. When you start, it does not put you back in the same spot you were, it gives you the map. From there you can go back.

Hope that helps you get unstuck

This is a such a good game you will want to finish it!! Enjoy!
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