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 posted in Hidden Mysteries®: Gates of Graceland® on Oct 15, 12 6:13 AM
I did not like this game at all. Too slow.
 posted in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga Collector's Edition on Aug 30, 12 12:53 AM
What is an IHOG as opposed to a HOG?
 posted in A Vampire Tale on Jul 4, 12 5:23 AM
Horrible game. Would not recommend even the free trial!
 posted in Eastville Chronicles: The Drama Queen Murder on Jun 9, 12 3:14 AM
This is the second game for me this week that wouldn't work. I get a cusor but no game
 posted in Ghost Towns: The Cats of Ulthar on Mar 10, 12 3:39 PM
I love this game. It has great graphics and the length is well worth the price. Great story line. Thumbs up from me!
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Oct 26, 11 1:56 PM
As for me - - I bought this game and I love it. The graphics are beautiful and the music is soothing. Glad I got it !
 posted in Letters from Nowhere 2 on Apr 3, 11 4:55 AM
OK I am old school. I got HOG, but what is a FROG?
 posted in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: The Strange Case on Mar 6, 11 3:39 AM
I made it about 10 minutes before deleting, but I am a die-hard. Couldn't figure it out and I have played ALOT of games!
 posted in Redrum: Time Lies on Aug 8, 10 7:50 AM
Loved this game. Made it through without a walkthough, but I like a long game. LOVE the jigsaw puzzles. Didn't miss a thing. THUMBS UP!!!
 posted in Al Emmo's Postcards from Anozira on Aug 1, 10 7:15 AM
I uninstalled after 6 minutes. Can't find anything. Graphics are too poor. Cursor did not go where I intended it to go. Thumbs down on this one.
 posted in My Beautiful Vacation on May 15, 10 4:09 PM
Gosh two games in one week that locked up and I couldn't play ? What is up with Big Fish games. I am going to cancel and buy my games elsewhere.
 posted in Cocktail Mania on Jan 18, 10 8:39 PM
I agree with all - - HORRIBLE. I think I had it on my computer for 5 minutes - - and that was too long!
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 11, 10 6:57 PM
I couldn't use the game either. Reinstalled twice. Can't play.
 posted in Little Things on Oct 14, 09 3:18 AM
I got frustrated because I would find the object and have to click 3 or 4 times for it to recognize it. Then said I didn't find all the object. I think I win though I lasted for 20 minutes!
 posted in Eden on Aug 22, 09 4:12 PM
worst game ever. what goals? didn't know the flowers and when i did recognize a name, it wasn't there! hated it!
 posted in Babylonia on Aug 13, 09 4:16 AM
I am going to buy this one! I love Fishdom and have played it through about 50 times !! This is much like it. Beautiful scenery and I love the sounds. Great Game.
 posted in Grandpa's Candy Factory on Aug 8, 09 10:33 PM
I used a credit on this one. Love this game. The graphics are beautiful. I leave my desktop as the map for a screensaver. A very enjoyable game!

 posted in Mevo and the Grooveriders on May 8, 09 2:21 PM
 posted in Mevo and the Grooveriders on May 3, 09 11:14 PM
This game is a little difficult, but practice practice practice. It makes me smile. The more you play the more powerups you get. I love to get new costumes and body images. Great fun
 posted in Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern on May 3, 09 11:09 PM
I finally uninstalled it to clear up space. I play alot of games. Both Dracula series - loved them, but his one crazy. Good graphics is about all I could say good about this one.
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